1. R/T.E49

    What's this film called?

    Hi, I would like some help finding a movie I saw about 10 years ago......It's a foreign film basically about a group of kids who find a white Jaguar XJ6 in container in the middle of nowhere, and drive it around....that's kind of it. Set in rocky deserty area??? A pretty cool film! What's...
  2. television

    This thing called Command is stupid

    I live right on the edge of the South coast and I am going to Kent early in the morning. I can use the coast road, thats the A35.A31,A27 to Lewes, then up to Tunbridge Wells, I can see most of it looking out of the rear window of my house. What does Command want to do, go West for 30 miles...
  3. dougal74

    What are these AMGs called?

    Thanks to the advice from Howard, Andy K, aka$h and others :bannana: I have plumped for these: - They were OEM on the 190E, are on the .pdf chart for the C124 and should not firm up the ride too much...and no one seems to want 16" so they were affordable! Does anyone know what they...
  4. B

    Coral / Pink W124 - please remind me what the colour is called!

    There was a discussion here a while ago about a (rare) pale dusty pink colour on a W124. I think it was called Coral and I think someone emailed me a pic which I now can't find Ring any bells with anyone? Thanks Nick Froome
  5. big x

    Guess what the new Chinese Rover is called...
  6. sportyreptile

    Called Chipsaway after a Gritter lorry encounter

    Travelling home one night last week I approached a gritter ahead, we were coming to a roundabout and he had his right indicator on, so I held back, he did a U turn at the roundabout. As he did I heard a loud thud, a bit of grit hit my headlight or glass I thought. The following morning I...
  7. scotth_uk

    Anyone else been called by Ken for the CC survey?

    I got a call at 6:45pm this evening from a girl in a call centre asking if I would co-operate in the CC survey. No probs - I am a supporter (to a degree). Essentially they were after: How often do you use it Why you use it (through, or in) How long are you there Is it affordable Do you...
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