1. grober

    Strike [ the cuckoos calling]

    Anyone watching this ? liked the intro credits 4 minutes in BBC iPlayer - Strike - The Cuckoo's Calling - Series 1: Episode 1 [YOUTUBE HD]wkmjltkgHqY[/YOUTUBE HD]
  2. L

    Calling STmarks

    Apologies but I'm too new to use the private messages. I have a vito with what I think are moderately worn 1st and 2nd synchros and a reverse that occasionally pops out of gear. Not a bit deal for now. But I've picked up a used gearbox with a first gear fault so I can rebuild it at my leisure...
  3. wu56Shoozz

    Calling ML Owners..

    ..I'm thinking of getting rid of My Jeep GC in favour of an ML. but my questions are: Are they any good as a 4x4 ( My Jeep is..) What's the best engine set up - I'm looking at another 2.7? Can anyone advise..
  4. wu56Shoozz

    Calling all detailers..

    OK... just a quickie really... "Does Polish go off?" Me reason for asking is I have a rather large supply of Autoglym polish that has gone soft lumpy (bit like a fart really..) but once mixed it still provides a decent shine on the paint.. I heat it up a little and give it a good mix.. and...
  5. D

    Calling all Dealer Forum Members

    Not wishing to upset the applecart but clearly there are a number of MB dealers who use this forum. Therefore would appreciate if they would comment on the increasing volume of posts relating to the juddering/clonking issue that appears to be affecting the GLC/C on slow speed+ full lock. EG is...
  6. Lenny63

    Calling all 55k owners - favour

    Hi all Would someone be kind enough to photograph the alternator pulley area , specifically I am wanting to see how close your IC rubber pipes are to the pulley I installed a new alternator on mind yesterday and the IC hoses are held in with plastic brackets bolted into the rocker cover ...
  7. P

    Calling all ADS and hydraulic suspension gurus

    Hi all, One for the technically minded out there. Issue driving me slightly nuts on my 1998 SL600. Im slowly rebuilding what I can on the car (documented on another thread) and have recently had the rear lower arms off for new outer ball joints and to check ADS2 struts, rear ARB, ARB...
  8. 5

    Calling W124 E500E Owners - 2016 International Meeting - 18 June 2016 MB MK

    Hey all, The 2016 E500E W124 meeting will be in the UK this year, previously being held in various locations in Europe. The event will be held at the 2016 Mercedes-Benz National Concours on 18 June 2016, starting at 9AM. A whole day of W124 500’s and everything M-B! The event is held at...
  9. L

    Calling SL65 R230 Owners

    I am collecting my car next week, a 2006 model. It would be good to get some insights to preventative maintenance and ownership tips Thanks!
  10. H

    Calling all W/S-212 E250 petrol owners...

    I'm due to take delivery of mine next month. Still not had a chance to test drive one and other than the old What Car review there doesn't seem to be many reviews. However, speaking to a few dealers back in May/June it appears at one point this engine was getting ordered more than the...
  11. M

    Calling PhilJ - Please respond to my contact attempts.

    Hi Phil, I've been trying to contact you via Ebay, having not had a reply for almost a month and a half. I also attempted private email contact on Tuesday 9th June, but I've still not heard anything. So I am now posting on here as a further attempt to contact you so we can arrange a return...
  12. K

    Calling DPF Experts

    Folks, The many VIN decoders I have tried don't mention a DPF at all so I assumed I didn't have one... Looking around the turbo outlet to the exhaust yesterday, I saw the exhaust section bulge by about 20mm Diameter for about 120mm, then go back to a straight pipe again. This was all quite...
  13. Abb

    Calling any members live in between Coventry & Leicester??

    As per title, wanted to know if any member lived in between these areas near to the M69, and could do me a HUGE favour. Basically I have seen a watch for sale and the chap who owns it, will not post it nor allow a courier to collect it, wants cash on collection. It is approximately a 6hrs...
  14. T

    Calling all Merc S Class Users

    Hi all, I'm a noob on here, but am not a noob to Mercs, having owned an '89 190E 2 litre many years ago. I reckon this question will promote some good debate...I'm looking at 'mid-life crisis' mad motors, and am considering a Diesel S Class of the 2006-2013 vintage. I don't do many miles...
  15. Abb

    Calling member LEE 1092

    As per title, as I cannot PM you Lee due to your post count. Can you drop me a tx on 07706 542464 after Sunday 5th October please, to sort out a mini meet!
  16. Maurauth

    [W204] Calling All 4cyl Diesel Owners With Modified Exhausts!

    I wasn't sure of the best place to post this thread so I put it in the technical engine sub-forum instead, but please read if you could spare 2 minutes to help me out! The original thread :)
  17. Maurauth

    [W204] Calling All 4cyl Diesel Owners With Modified Exhausts!

    Pre-facelift C250 CDI Blueefficiency owner here. After chatting with a few users I've decided to go with a dual/quad exhaust change. I'm looking for as much info about the different options and experiences people have had. How did it sound- louder / deeper / raspier / less or more...
  18. grahamperrin

    Hove calling! W124! Over …

    My driving history in a nutshell – my memory of the details is fuzzy (I'm not sure about the order of things, or dates) but here goes … randomly, a 1965 Hillman Super Minx saloon caught my eye not long after I moved to Brighton … before that I had no plan to become a driver, but I fell in...
  19. N

    Calling all C32/SLK32 Owners.......

    It would be interesting to see how many C32 and SLK32 owners there are knocking around on the forum, and any mods they may have installed over the years. There's a few I know off like Elvin and Joe and the like! There must be loads more here somewhere . So, this is mine:- Year -2003 obsidian...
  20. M

    Calling W123 Owners in Manchester / Cheshire

    Hello to you all, and thank you for reading. My husband to be is a W123 fan and has owned 2 in the past. We are getting married next May and would love to arrange a surprise for the day. A W123 to collect him and his best man and take in to the church. I cannot find any companies in Cheshire or...
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