1. G

    remanufactured rear brake callipers

    got some remanufactured rear brake callipers from euro parts, looking in Peter Russeck E class book, it mentions Piston Positioning Gauge for lining up piston cut outs, anyone know where I can get one, or should they be already setup by Pagid who reconditioned them. any help much appreciated.
  2. A

    W220 - S430, S500 or S600 Front brake callipers.

    Hi, does anyone have or know where I can get a pair of W220 S430, S500 or S600 Front brake callipers? Don't have the part number for the bracket, but the callipers are marked brembo - 20.7047.03 and 20.7047.04 Thanks. Jay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. H

    painted callipers and wheels refurbished

    I posted these over on the AMG Lounge section but thought they would be relevant here may give people some inspiration when having their wheels done or callipers painted. if anything, it might rule out what not to have as the colour on the callipers is proving a bit marmite. The...
  4. martyp87

    Brake Callipers - Respray or Refurbishment

    I'm looking to get my callipers resprayed in a nice bright yellow with the AMG logos refitted under a coat or two of clearcoat. I actually had the car booked into a bodyshop this week to get the front bumper resprayed along side the 4 callipers however, after speaking to a MB specialist he...
  5. Ultrarep

    How can i tell which brake callipers i have on a 2004 s211

    I have the 2004 E320 cdi estate. Looking at brake suppliers there seems to be bosch brembo and ate callipers. I have workshop time booked with a post lift but will ge away and nit able to remove the wheels. Is there a way to understand what callipers are fitted to the car can you tell by...
  6. borz

    Brembo or Lucas brake callipers

    Hello every one does any one know what make my brake callipers are is it Brembo or Lucas ,with out me taking the wheel off . I know some people might think I am lazy ,I am not and will explain later but for now I need this information please. for those who don't know my car is M b C Class S203...
  7. omegav6i

    C32 callipers

    Bit of a long shot but looking for some c32 front callipers for the c43 brake upgrade. Rob
  8. S

    Painted my Callipers

    Hi All, This is my first post of the forum so be nice! I have just got myself a 2010 E class coupe with some very rusty brakes and hubs, so i decided to paint them. I could not make my mind up between red or silver so did both in the end! I have decided I prefer the silver and will be painted...
  9. Gridlock

    W208 CLK55 (or similar) front brake callipers

    Looking to upgrade my C43 discs and callipers, as it's almost certainly cheaper in the long run. So, anyone got CLK55 callipers, which I think are a straightforward swap?\ Cheers
  10. K

    Brake Callipers

    When replacing brake pads, why is it suggested you replace the calliper mounting bolts? I have cleaned the bolts and used fresh blue loctite in the past with no problems. Sean.
  11. Mobb

    Brake callipers.. What's the deal?

    So I have the big brake discs on my CLK but still the same old ugly and rusty brake callipers.. To be honest they let the car down. I know I can powder coat them, buy and painting kit for them etc.. But I would prefer to buy some genuine better looking callipers such as brembo etc.. So...
  12. skymastor

    Wheels to Fit Brembo Callipers - Sports Pack

    Hi Guy's, With the last round of snow and on many occasions becoming stuck! I have now decided to get 17" winter tyres and rims to replace my 18" wheels. I was told by the provider that I cannot fit anything smaller than 17" and the wheels had to be alloy, not steel, to fit around the...
  13. skymastor

    Brembo Front Brake Callipers W203 - Info Request

    Hi Guy's I've been thumbing my way through EPC for the past hour and got nowhere apart for an headache, so I was wondering, because I am such a **** with it, can anyone help here please? I have Brembo Callipers fitted to my W203, the MB part numbers are: A0034203983 A0034203683...
  14. NW_Merc

    AMG brake callipers
  15. A

    Could these fit any callipers?

    What are the exact purpose of these? are they callipers or do they cover your existing callipers? or what?! :confused:
  16. N

    Rusting brake callipers

    I have recently purchased a C 220 and I am delighted with it. The car is less than one year old. I have one concern that the brake callipers have 'rust' on the casing. I have two questions; is this OK in terms of safety ?(although not good for appearance!) and is this issue covered by the...
  17. B

    FS: W124 E320 4-pot front callipers

    I had these installed as an upgrade on my Brabus until I did my balljoints & the discs rubbed against the lower control arm. Thus I had to buy a pair of 300SL 4 pots which fit due to a different offset. The callipers are in perfect working order. I hear they can also bolt onto some 190s (check...
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