1. sherco450

    Vito 120 OM642 cam chain replacement

    Hi . regarding cam chain replacement for vito 120 .. engine sounds a little louder (ticking noise ) than usual. Im a bit paranoid . currently has 100,000 miles on clock . Any owners replaced around the same miles.
  2. AngryDog

    W211 dash cam

    Who has one and how have you mounted and wired it? I want to wire it in but only so that it comes on when the car is on.
  3. doo01

    Dash cam installation

    Hi Can anyone recommend an installer for a dash cam in the Bromley area thats not Halfords? Many thanks in advance!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Mr-Goose

    Dash cam policing

    It looks like police in Wales are rolling out a scheme that will allow the public's dash cam footage to be used to catch bad drivers. Personally I think this is a great idea as I'm fed up seeing so many idiots on our roads. I don't have a dash cam in my current car but in my old one I did on a...
  5. J

    Dash cam wiring advise

    hi, I have a w204 with the annoying fixed rear seats. I want to hard wire my dashcam into the fuse box but the only fuse box is in the boot (pain in the butt !) any suggestions about wiring route as I can't see a direct hole from the cabin to the boot ? cheers
  6. O

    M271 cam magnets change

    Hello, I'm looking for some information on changing the cam magnets on my C180 M271 engine as I have got oil leaking into the wiring harness. I'm about to order the magnets, O rings, grommets and the additional wiring adaptors to stop this problem. Is there anything more I need to do and...
  7. Taff814

    Dash cam advice

    Morning all, I'm thinking about installing dash cams front and rear (can the rear one be called a dash cam????) in my C204 2013. Anybody have any recommendations as to the best ones? I plan to have an auto sparks do the installation so I have no visible wires and I know it'll work. (I'm an...
  8. T

    Dash cam advice plz

    Hi new to forum I have a nextbase dash cam with a hardware kit I have e250 2013 and I was wondering if there is a switch live anywhere near the front of the car cos I don't want to run wires to rear if I can help it or if already a thread about similar can some1 point me in the right direction...
  9. W

    Dash Cam £50-£100

    I'm tempted by a dash cam in the £50-£100 range. Might be tempted to spend a bit more if justified. Most reviews are either old, US only or too expensive. The choice is vast and most brands I've never heard of, so can anyone recommend one to me? I'd ideally want one small enough to mount...
  10. BarryWhitt

    Fuses and dash cam

    Car is a 2017 C Class 200 Sport Premium I need to know where the fuse is for the power point in the front consul compartment. The ciggie lighter type one. Halfords put the live to a fuse in the fuse box in the boot but the dash cam only comes on when the engine is started, which is no good...
  11. Bri

    Dash cam ??? any advice

    Hi all Thinking of buying a dash cam don't what to spend more than £100. Halfords have a Nextbase 312GW for £99 it has good reviews, has any one got one or used one ? if so what do you think of it. Also they do a fitting service, hard wired for £30 and that's with the kit witch cost £20 to buy...
  12. brucemillar

    Dash Cam Footage Catches Theives Stripping Cars

    Brothers Alfie, Roger and George Powell jailed for conspiracy to steal and cut up cars for parts
  13. RyanMuller

    Xiaoyi Yi Dash Cam (night time)

    Night time / early morning test of the new dash cam. Not bad for £60
  14. Marvin16x

    Dash Cam Crashes: Mercedes Edition ...

    Happy new year to all of you. May you be save on the road and spared from encounters of this sort: h5NBFztA_Vs 4:20 is your typical W140 crash. Unfazed af.
  15. M

    W205 Dash Cam

    I have been given a Nextbase dash cam and fitting kit for Xmas! I would like to fit it myself as it looks reasonably straightforward. I have access to Bojo tools and I know that there are suitable fuse panels on the end of the dashboard or in the passenger foot well. My question is: the...
  16. S

    C180 1.8 CGi Cam Chain and Tensioner

    Please could someone help me with the Removal and fitting of cam chain and adjuster on the 2011 C180 CGi my wife has. It has done 46000 miles and has developed the dreaded rattle on startup and twice has not started on the first turn of the key. I have been in touch with a local Mercedes dealer...
  17. X

    R172 dash cam wiring (with power from arm rest / storage compartment)

    Hi all! I've just ordered a Mobius 1 (the wide-angle C2 model) action cam to record my trip up to Scotland to do the NC500 route in my SLK350 over five days next week. I don't plan to use the camera as a traditional "dash cam" - I want to capture the scenery and, from watching various videos...
  18. M

    Reversing Camera or Dash Dash cam suggestions

    Hi I have an SL350 2013 convertible and wondered if there are any suggestions or recommendations for fitting a reversing camera or Dash Cam that will integrate with the 7 inch MB command screen.
  19. 100%Bitch

    12V supply for dash cam

    Hi guys Can anyone suggest a permanent/unswitched 12V supply for a dash cam on a c216 (or any suitable supply)? Preferably in the fuse panel on the driver's side. Helen
  20. G

    Dash Cam

    Has anyone fitted a dash cam to their car? Having looked at plenty of reviews I think I'm set on having the Thinkware F770 front/rear camera hardwired into my new C63S Coupe. Only thing I'm a little unsure of is having the adhesive mount stuck to my windscreen...
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