1. Jimbo123

    Newbie in Cambridgeshire

    Hello one and all, and thank you for allowing me to join the MBClub. I know very little about my SLK I've owned since December 2016, but it's chassis number is very low and I'd like to think it has an interesting history, possibly as a UK Press Car as it dates from October 1996. I'd love to...
  2. M

    R129 red oil - cambridgeshire

    Hi Have a SL320 R129 - runs well. Noticed some red oil last summer, had it checked and nothing serious found. Seemed to resolve. Same thing when we started using it more this year but seemed to stop after using a bit. Went away for 3 weeks and some stains again. ?automatic transmission...
  3. KillerHERTZ

    Cambridgeshire June GTG

    Getting on for a year since the last one, time for another :) Belfry Hotel Cambourne again? 1) KillerHERTZ (Karl) - CLS55 AMG
  4. A

    Cambridgeshire rider!

    Thought I would introduce myself. I'm from Cambridge and have recently brought a 2010 R6 and I also own a 2008 suzuki drz 400 sm. Look forward to talking to some of you and asking questions thanks. :bannana::bannana: Ahok
  5. T

    Any rolling roads in Cambridgeshire or Peterborough area?

    Hi I'm looking for a rolling road to test my c63, it's supposed to be remapped to 495bhp (Quantum remap) but I have never drove any other c63 so I would never know the difference. Just want it rolling roadbed to see what sort of figures it makes, and if it's not as good as I expected, get a...
  6. J532KTT

    urgently needed Cambridgeshire

    Hi guys, I know it's easter but has anyone got a wiper/indicator stalk for a 124?? Mimes given up and is stuck on. Please, I'll collect and pay handsomely.
  7. A

    Servicing - Cambridgeshire

    Hi I'm looking for a good place to get my car (CLC) serviced around here. Any suggestions apart from main dealers? I live between Huntingdon/Cambridge and I work near Peterborough - am also happy to travel a little way for the right place! I found a couple on google but would rather take...
  8. 2

    Hi, new member in cambridgeshire

    Hi, I bought my first mercedes in October of last year it is a E Class W210 3.0TD, i've had to do a few small jobs on it but it's just getting better all the time, i'm loving it:bannana:
  9. KillerHERTZ

    Cambridgeshire GTG 21/11/09 Photos

    Left to Right: Alex Argent, A170Blue, Bassist, SG CL500, christopherwk, Bennesspipers, KillerHERTZ
  10. KillerHERTZ

    Cambridge(shire) mini GTG - Sat Nov 21st 2009

    So, who's up for a mini-meet? When, where any ideas?
  11. Cronos

    Think! Cambridgeshire Police Road Safety Video.

    Well worth a look. Cambridgeshire Police Road Safety Video. 660kb Think!
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