1. BarryWhitt

    New here from Nth Cambs

    I was 65 years old on 22nd Feb and treated ourselves to my first ever new car. I ride motorcycles as well as I also enjoy driving. Just collected our first MB a C Class 200 P 4dr Sport Premium. I'm just about to start a new thread in General Discussion because I need your advice.
  2. G

    Which Dealer - Cambs Area

    Basically, I had a really poor experience trying to buy a C63 from MB Peterborough (Robinsons Group). I literally refuse to even consider walking through their door again. I ended up buying my car from Epsom MB and the sales experience was very good. For my B2 service last year, I chose my...
  3. fatdazza

    Mercedes Independents Near Huntingdon Cambs

    Hi, new to all this and have just bought my first mercedes (C Class) wondered if anyone can reccommend an independent service centre near Huntingdon Cambs? Many thanks in advance
  4. T

    Excellent specialists in Lincs & Cambs.

    Hi all, have had my 190e for almost 3 years a 1 owner full MB history bought off e-bay, i can reccomend a fully trained MB mechanic Stuart Clark recently started up on his own near Spalding Lincs totally honest & reliable Tel: 0844 736 1967 or e-mail Also had new bearings...
  5. J

    quote to finish 190e head gasket - cambs

    Hello, I have a Mercedes 190e, 1.8 manual, 1992 and have been following a haynes manual to fix the head gasket that went a while back. I think the job may be a bit complex for me, so ideally would like to find someone who could finish the job. I have a spare head gasket ready to fit and have...
  6. J

    cylinder head gasket repair, cambs

    Looking for cylinder head gasket repair done on my 190e in or near to Cambs area. Anyone know of an affordable one and roughly how much this would cost?
  7. Single650

    Beds Cambs border independents

    Apologies if this has already been posted - I did search but didn't turn up anything. Cna anyone reccomend an independent in the Potton , Biggleswade area of Beds. I'm both new to the area and to MB Thanks
  8. L

    MB specialists in Cambs?

    Does any one know of a good, independent Mercedes specialist in or around Cambridge? Thanks
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