1. st13phil

    M157 & M276 Camchain Tensioner - Heads Up

    Soon after purchasing my E63 I noticed that on start up there was a noticeable rattle from the top end of the engine for a few seconds. This would persist longest if started from stone cold, but was also present if started after the car had been idle for a few hours. It wasn't instantly...
  2. N

    W204 220cdi camchain

    Just when is the recommended time/mileage to change the Camchain etc. I thought it was 100k but not sure where that came from Thanks
  3. guydewdney

    any 300 TD owners had a camchain replaced?

    if so - how much was it - and what sort of milage? the GFs '99 sprinter (300 TD lump) with 170K miles on it has started to make ominous (sp?) clicky noises.. i opened the oil filler cap (on top of the chain) and i could move the chain about 1/16" up and down my usual man (george fraser)...
  4. Z

    1988 200T engine replacement camchain problem

    Hi All, Thanks again for the help with the previous question. My new question is: the donor engine I have got is a single camchain and my engine has a double. Can I change ove to a single camchain system and will the pump for the self leveling suspension still fit onto the front of the...
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