1. developer

    Tell Me About Camcorders Please

    Hello panel. I want to purchase a decent camcorder. Primary use is to record gigs that my lad plays, so sound quality is important, and maybe the odd bit of porn in the local Aldi car park, so low light capability is important too. I understand a bit about 4K and with a budget of c£700 there...
  2. RobertoMercini

    Cheap Camcorders

    As much as that may sound like an intro to a Del Boy style 'sale of the century' from my suitcase down the market - just wondering if anyone on here has any advice. I don't need it for anything particular, just a point and shoot kinda guy :) and I've given myself a budget of £150 The ones...
  3. TheGrocer

    Camcorders - Recommend a good one?

    Looking to buy a good mid range camcorder for home/family and holiday use. Would like some basic editing functions Budget up to £500 Ive heard the Hard Drive units are pretty good and would like High Def as well. Can anyone recommend a good unit?:confused:
  4. portzy


    Hello, i'm just thinking about taking the first dip into the digital camcorder world after never actually owning one of any description. I recently did the same thing with a digital stills one and not looked back since. I dont need loads of features as it's just for hols and gatherings etc. I...
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