1. D

    anybody with 8 wireless camera set up must be not wired

    any experts or people with knowledge must be wireless and camera held inside the building i noticed their shutter can be changed so as to make them work is this standard what sort of budget for diy set up any help including supply will be gr8 all i find them from US and china none in the...
  2. Weds

    Reversing camera problems

    I've been following loads of threads on here for fitting a reversing camera. I have a 2011 S212 E class Estate, (4.5 comand unit) the camera is fitted and I have a video feed upto the comand unit (checked with a video camera with video input) , the camera is a NTSC format, i have enabled the...
  3. M

    Reverse camera gl320 on EPC

    Hi i am trying to work out what parts I need to retro fit a reverse camera The problem is on mercedes epc there are 2 cameras and 4 wiring looms to Choose has anyone got any ideas If i could find a vin with the feature fitted then I could check the data card I tried to talk to parts at...
  4. B

    W212 E class 2014 e220cdi reverse camera

    Hi Recently purchased a 2014 E class and wanted to know how it easy it would be to install a reverse Camera. I'm pretty good with car electronics but wanted to know if it would be a plug and play scenario? thanks
  5. K

    W222- Reverse Camera Retrofit

    Evening. I have a 2014 s350. For some reason which I cannot explain the dealer failed to add the reverse camera or reverse sensors. Can these be retrofitted? Any advice would be appreciated
  6. M

    Reverse Camera + Monitor Reverse Light Tap

    Hi Guys, This may be a long shot but hoping for some feedback for a 2005 C-Class Estate. The plan is to install a reverse camera near the License plate and a complimentary monitor on the rear headliner section so that it is in direct view in the rear view mirror when reversing and this also...
  7. A

    anyone know much about camera's?

    Hi all We are in the market for a new camera to take on holiday this year. I don't pretend to know very much about them so looking for a bit of advice. About the only thing we have decided on is that we fancy a bridge camera over a compact mainly due to having more zoom. Don't want a...
  8. F

    Revering camera on W164 COMAND

    Hi, I'm a newbie here so apologies if this has been done to death (I have tried searching!). I've just bought a 2010 ML350 W164 which has (I'm fairly sure) a NTG2.5 COMAND system in it. I'd like to fit a reversing camera. I live in Yorkshire : can anyone recommend someone who can do this sort...
  9. zenman63

    ML63 166 rear view camera?

    Looks like my new car has no rear view camera, I see the guys at Comand on line have a parts kit, is there much to fitting it?
  10. D

    Bird Box camera options

    Made a bird box over the weekend with our daughter. We had a chat about how good it would be to look at its new tenants when they arrive. After some advice on camera options. I know nothing about this area. Is there a cordless option or are they all hard wired? I assume the images can be...
  11. O

    Retrofit reverse camera

    Hi I have a c63 coupe facelift 12 plate. I wondered if the c63 can have the reverse camera retrofitted? Cheers
  12. V

    Backup Camera Retrofit - CLS55

    Anybody done this or know the best place to get this done?
  13. jc62b

    Reverse camera guidance lines

    Hey guys, 2014 c coupe, ntg4.5. Is there any way to add the coloured guidance lines to the camera screen using hidden menus? Mine at present just shows rear view & id really like the guidance lines if it is possible. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  14. P

    Parking Camera Retro Fit

    i have a 2013 but on 63 plate (face lift) Can i retrofit the front and rear parking Cameras to work with the current e class screen ?
  15. S

    Cable run for rear view camera

    I'm attempting to install a RVC and would like to know which is the best route for the cable to the rear of the command unit. I have a fakra to RCA cable arriving this week, for the command unit. I intend to run the cable from the boot, under the sills and across to the command. However, I...
  16. F

    2016/17 C coupe with reversing camera boot leak

    I have just noticed a small water leak in the boot. After opening the boot some water dropped on my head and I realised that water is coming from the plastic cover inside the boot lid, especially around the buttons for locking the car and closing boot. The boot is however dry, no water comes...
  17. I

    C Class Reversing Camera

    Could someone please confirm if the reversing camera and rear distance monitoring alarm works when your mobile phone is connected to the car's Bluetooth and you are on a call? The car in question is a C Class Coupe, 64 plate. Thanks in advance!
  18. T

    Aftermarket reversing camera options

    Hi All I have a 2011 W212 and was looking into the options available to get a reversing camera, issue is my car has the Audio 50 and not comand so cannot go via the OEM route it looks like. Has anyone else looked at any other options or managed to get this to work? Not a big fan of having...
  19. 4

    w211 2003 reverse camera install!!!

    Hi all. I want to install reverse camera in my car.It has big screen nav dvd.What do I need ????
  20. T

    Aftermarket reversing camera, W221

    Hi all! I've bought an aftermarket reversing camera for my W221 S Class, 2009, I think the Comand is NTG3? I've bought an RCA to Fakra link wire but I understand that it can't just be plugged in to the Comand unit. Any instructions would be gratefully grabbed at. Thanks, Glyn
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