1. T

    Question on 360 degree cameras

    When I put my W205 C-Class in to reverse, the camera feeds on to the COMAND screen so I can see the guidelines and the image behind etc. Is this just a reverse parking camera? And is the 360 degree camera a completely separate option that my car just doesn't have? If so does anyone know the...
  2. BrianWSussex

    Outdoor wildlife cameras?

    Has anybody used a 'budget priced' outdoor wildlife (not birds) camera to record what goes on in our gardens after we humans go to bed? Huge holes appear under fences in our gardens overnight. Whatever it is it has the ability to move bricks and bits of concrete and damage fences. Some cameras...
  3. HorseandJockey

    Calibration of cameras

    Hi, Hope some of you clever Mercedes technical people can help... Could anyone let me know the correct process that Mercedes use to calibrate the cameras on the front windscreen (mine is a W222), used for Lane Assist, and Steering Assist? Do they do it in the workshop on a calibrated jig, or...
  4. M.A.94

    Mobile detection cameras

    So it’s been just over a week since the new 6 points and £200 fine for using a mobile device while driving has been put into action. With this a few cameras have been put up on some of the major high streets around Newcastle, which are there to catch drivers on their phone. I know technology...

    Smart Motorway Cameras....

    They do work then, never quite understood idiots pushing me from behind when i have cruise set at limit, then they clearly go over the limit:crazy:, bet they are not smiling few days letter when the post arrives:rolleyes::doh: Apparently covered on the One Show tonight 7pm BBC1...making lots...
  6. D

    Dealing with speed cameras.. Need a device.

    Hello, So on previous cars I did not have sat nav built in so had my trusty tom tom which warned me of speed cameras when I ventured out of the local area. After just one day of having the merc I got nicked as command does not show cameras! What's the best device out there? Can i have...
  7. zoros

    speed averaging cameras

    Curious: has anyone actually been done by one of these? Secondly, why are some gatsco cameras pointing with a camera lens in one direction only but the road markings are on both sides of the road and before and after the camera? Can you only get caught if you are driving over the markings AND...
  8. martyp87

    Home CCTV Cameras - Recommendations

    Hello all, I'm assuming as these are now fairly popular I might as well ask if any of you guys have CCTV cameras at home and can recommend some to me. Only looking to cover the drive way, must be wireless and I'm looking at 2 cameras. Loads showing up on Amazon and looking for input! No...
  9. jacksona

    NTG2.5 Speed Cameras

    Is it possible to get speed cameras (with warnings, ideally) onto NTG2.5? I've got a PocketGPSWorld subscription, so would be good to still be able to use them now that I don't need the Garmin any more... Thanks, Adam. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Horrgakx

    How do I get speed cameras on my Satnav??

    Hi all - I just can't find a definitive answer as how to get speed cameras (or other POI's for that matter) on my COMAND ONLINE Satnav system. Does anyone know how?? W205 C Class
  11. D

    Cameras - What's your poision

    I thought it might be interesting to see what cameras folks have. I've got a couple - (plus 5 or so relics hoarded in cupboards) Canon 7D with 85mm 1.2 L and EFS 17-55mm. Bought this in 2009 to replace a 1DS MKIII. Very good video with decent image quality. And a Fujifilm X100T (2015) with...
  12. John Jones Jr

    M1 Cash cameras.

    Bedfordshire Police: Speed cameras and sponsorship 'may fund police' - BBC News
  13. S

    Best sticky pads for reversing cameras ?

    Recently I had a reversing camera fitted and the darn thing keep falling off, as there isn't an official OEM kit for the SLK it's stuck on with a sticky pad under the lip by the handle/release, however every time it rains and gets wet from spray etc the pad lets go. Not ideal and I dont want...
  14. ScottBacon

    Bad news on 360 degree cameras

    Been told today that MB have supplier problem with the 360 degree cameras. Any cars being built through July will not be supplied with this option which seems almost unbelievable to me? That includes my car :( V bad news as that particular option really appeals to me / probably many of us
  15. developer

    Variable Speed Gantry Cameras - some info

    I was at Autosport International last weekend, chatting to a couple of West Midlands police officers on their stand. I asked about the functionality of said cameras when the gantry speed limit signs appeared to be switched off, i.e, without a nominated maximum speed showing. They...
  16. Stratman

    M3 average speed cameras being installed

    While driving home the other day I noticed the yellow poles for average speed cameras being installed on the M3 between the M25 and Sunbury. There were also signs saying "Cameras not in use". Just a heads up, although it'll probably result in heads-down driving ;)
  17. 219

    A9 average speed cameras go live soon

    BBC News - Date set for A9 average speed camera system going live
  18. John

    Unknown cameras - speed or ANPR?

    Does anyone know what the following cameras are? I am aware of a lot of different camera types (particularly speed cameras) but I've not seen these before and I cannot find any information on them. I reckon they are ANPR but a chap at work thinks they are speed cameras. I notice the odd...
  19. B

    In car cameras

    Does anyone know of a good forward facing in car camera that constantly records when the engine is turned on and does it effect the warranty if it's hard wired . Many thanks
  20. developer

    Security Cameras For A House

    I'm looking at a DVR based CCTV system for home. I want 700TVL and motion sensing as a minimum, but the package I'm looking at (ESP DVR8iP) doesn't have the ability to tell me, by phone, or by a sounder in the bedroom, when the motion sensor has been triggered, so I can rush down with my flame...
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