1. grober

    Pakistan polio campaign halted after killings

    Truly these people would drag us all back to the dark ages. :wallbash: BBC News - UN suspends Pakistan polio campaign after killings
  2. trapperjohn

    Summer Drink Drive Campaign.

    Just popped down to the lads house to feed his animals whilst he is away. On the way back at 0815AM I was directed into a lay-by by the boys in mostly hi-viz. Brief intro on what they were doing. "Last time you had a drink Sir" Told him. Blow into this - ZERO. How sad is that after...
  3. Godot

    National Campaign to Reduce War Memorial Theft

    This a copy of an email sent to me this morning, via an "Old Comrades" contact, to draw my attention to this campaign, so with, hopefully a Moderator's permission, I'd would like to draw it to your attention.:thumb: Any little Hamlet or Village or even Wayside Memorials that you know of, even...
  4. grober

    R2R campaign success??

    FROM THEIR WEBSITE 1st June 2010: start of the new rules for competition in the automotive sector Following last week announcement by the European Commissioner for Competition Mr Almunia of the adoption of the new competition law framework for the automotive sector, the new rules apply in...
  5. Palfrem

    Act on C02 campaign

    Does anyone share my annoyance that in times of Government cuts, increased taxation, etc. we are subjected to a seemingly constant barrage of TV adverts and full pages in the press urging us to drive 5 miles less? I counted about 4 adverts with the long slow zoom out to a car exhaust and a...
  6. ADY1983

    MK1 Golf GTI Campaign!!!

    Finally my MK1 Golf GTI I have actually had her for 2 years now, sadly I’m not going to get to enjoy it much, as she is up for sale :(
  7. tromppost

    Mercedes-Benz advertising campaign?

    Did any one else get an email from Mercedes-Benz about advertising campaign? "Would you be interested in contributing to the next Mercedes-Benz advertising campaign? If you can spare 20 minutes to take part in an online survey, you can do just that. And possibly win yourself a Mercedes-Benz...
  8. G

    Campaign Support for "Keep left when you can"

    Why is it that in heavy traffic, the right hand lane is always heavier than the middle and the middle is heavier than the left on Motorways? M40 and then M25 and then M1 today ... Everyone was keeping right not left! Why? Will their slot in heavy traffic be lost putting them at risk in some...
  9. Ian B Walker

    Anti Litter Campaign

    I was listening to the news on the way home this morning and one item caught my attention. Apparantly there is going to be a crack down on littering. I totally agree with this but for one point. I am one of the few smokers around these days and the motor industry has decreed that ash trays are...
  10. Flip

    My new Campaign

    Having completed my  <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':wotthat:'> &quot;Free the Dave Elcome 1&quot; Campaign   <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle"...
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