1. L

    VITO - Interior light / Alarm issue - Campervan

    Hi, Recently bought a 2004 Vito SWB. With the intention of using it as a van to sleep in, adding a bed in the back. I've come across 2 issues. 1 - If I lock the van from the inside, which I would like to do so I can sleep securely. Any movement sets the alarm off. 2 - The interior...
  2. A

    2015 W447 Vito Campervan Conversion

    My new campervan W447 wheels - 18s rather than the 16s it came with
  3. A

    2015 W447 Vito Campervan Conversion

    Hi all - heres a few pics of my 2015 Vito camper conversion by Key Campers in Hull Mods so far since delivery are 18 inch wheels ilo 16, rear speakers and I plan to fit a DAB Pioneer unit. Hopefully once the warranty is up ill chip it from 134 ps to nearer 190 also
  4. A

    My new Vito Horizon Campervan

  5. coupe deville

    Unimog, now that's a campervan

    Wouldn't get stuck in a field with this. Nene Overland 4x4 Land Rover Defender 110 new and used for sale
  6. 300CE

    300 BHP Subaru Powered Twin Turbo 1974 Devon VW Campervan "Rat Van"

    :eek: 300 BHP Subaru Powered Twin Turbo 1974 Devon VW Campervan "Rat Van" Camper | eBay
  7. W

    Campervan buying assistance.

    A friend is looking for a LWB/7-seater van to convert to a campervan. Budget is up to £8k. Currently he’s looking at VW T4 or T5 vans. These seem to be a popular choice but prices are quite steep for what you get. He needs to retain at least one row of rear seats for his child. This seat needs...
  8. imadoofus

    Campervan Party?

    Driving up the A605 this morning into Peterborough, I must have passed more than thirty campervans, or all shapes and sizes coming the other way. Only a couple of caravans though. Was there a party this weekend, or were they just evacuating?
  9. KillerHERTZ

    VW T3 Campervan parts

    Does anyone know where I can get a exterior sliding door handle for a 1980's VW T3 Campervan? Ive tried all the eBay's, to no avail... Cheers!
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