1. G


    Looking to go camping , has anyone been ? Any spots recommended to go to ? Looking at Dover at the moment
  2. MercedesDriver

    Best car for camping (tent) trips

    In need of an advise as all rear seat occupants are growing up and saloon became too tight. As per title, trips are to Northern Italy, two adults, two kids, one bulldog, 5 berth tent + equipment (chairs,table,...) for 10 days camping, four 21" cases, travel fridge, 1 bag of inflatable toys for...
  3. ItalianTuneUp

    camping advice sought

    I'm thinking of buying some camping equipment and I wondered if any members here have any useful tips regarding essential or useful stuff to have. I'll be taking a car to the camp site, so weight/bulk is not an issue. On my potential purchase list so far is the following: - tent - camp bed...
  4. SmartMAC

    Going camping. Charging gadgets problem

    Couple of years ago while camping I managed to flat the battery of my W204 coupe by just charging the phones while camping in Spain. I know how stupid that sounds but I could not find a way to just enable the cigarette lighter in the cabin without all sorts of other bits and pieces coming on at...
  5. Gollom

    Camping gear for sale

    Anybody looking for camping gear? (We now have a campervan) It's a decent 2 double bedroom tent with sewn-in groundsheet, footprint, new carpet, add-on kitchen porch, 2 burner cooker with grill, larder unit etc. We'd like to sell as 1 job lot. J31a M6 or J21a M6/J11 M62
  6. D

    Coleman ultra high power led spotlight and camping lamp light

    brand new great christmas gift Whether you’re at work or working on your vehicle, you’ll see clearly in the darkest, smallest places with the Coleman® CPX™ 6 Ultra High Power LED Spotlight. CPX™ system compatibility lets you choose your power: four D cell batteries or one CPX™ 6 rechargeable...
  7. D

    Camping tips

    Not in to camping normally, but my brothers stag is to be the weekend at Le Mans. Normally prefer a bed, now I need to source a tent etc. New to camping, new to Le Mans - any advice or recommendations?
  8. A

    Pictures from the NEC caravan & Camping show this weekend

    Hello 99% of you will probably slate them but as we queued to get in the car parks I'm guessing we cannot be the only ones that like Caravans and Motorhomes.. Some various pics of the show.. Pop out this way and that is the way forward either motorhome or caravan...
  9. A

    Anyone going to the Caravan & Camping show @ NEC

    Anyone else going? We are off to look at the new vans :)
  10. KNU7S

    Camping At 2011 German Grand Prix

    Hi all, just wondered if any of you had had camped at the German grand Prix in the past and any help and advice would be great!
  11. Spinal

    Snowdonia Camping

    Howdy! A couple of colleagues from work and I are planning to do Kili in a few months... To prepare, we're going to do Snowdonia (obviously :p). We were hoping to find a campsite near the top, spend the night there and then come back down the day after. That said, I cannot seem to find...
  12. Londonscottish

    Camping power supply and gas in France

    Hi happy campers, Quick question; I have long orange power supply lead with a sort of heavy duty outdoor connector which plugs into the power supply in a UK campsite. Will this work on a French site? It's one of these; SunnCamp Mains Connection Lead 25Metre: Sports &...
  13. Ade B

    Camping Fridges

    Following on from earlier thread. Anyone any tips on camping fridges - I'm thinking of getting something like this on the assumption that we get power at the site.. I've experience of a 3 way fridge from the dark days of caravan holidays with parents - but they are pretty big and a gas...
  14. W

    Camping holiday recommendation within 300 miles of Calais

    Can anybody recommend a destination for a camping holiday for a family with young children (3 and 6YO) within about 300 miles of Calais (or 1 days driving). We'll be going in the summer for about 2 weeks. Somewhere that would allow short cycling trips with a few attractions nearby would be...
  15. reflexboy


    Can anyone recommend a nice campsite (tent) within about 80 miles of junction 9 of the M25 (Chessington/Leatherhead) for a couple of nights stay. The site must have good clean showers/toilets. I prefer a site that's maybe a bit rural, possibly with a view of the surrounding area but must be...
  16. Satch

    The perils of camping

    And people in this country moan about hungry foxes sniffing round their tents.......
  17. pammy

    Sod camping....

    ......gimme a private lodge with hot tub and a few bottles of wine anyday!! oh and Mr P :devil: :devil: :devil: Rain put paid to a tent - hey ho - life's a bitch at times........
  18. david55amg

    camping this bank holiday

    Hi all. going here. I am also taking the tent and was wondering if anyone has done this before and if there are any good or bad areas to pitch Can't wait. All that noise!! If you havn't been before, this is the one to go to
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