1. A

    Camshaft Hal Sensor and CEL

    Hi, Last night my car didn't start on first attempt and I got the Check Engine Light in dash. It didn't start on 2nd attempt and on 3rd attempt it started but the Engine Light stayed on till I reached home. The car started on 1st attempt after that but Engine Light stayed on. In the morning...
  2. E

    Camshaft sensors?

    Hi all. Hope you can help... I have just bought myself a CLK280 convertible with the AMG sport pack etc. It's a 55 with 100000 miles on it or thereabouts (3L engine so miles don't worry me) - so, bought it on Friday, broke down on Sunday, diagnostics run by Mercedes main dealer on Monday and...
  3. A

    P0340 Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Malfunction

    Hi All, I bought Mercedes C 180 Bluefficiency 2011 (40,000 miles) almost 7 months ago. The car drives okay, no power loss everything is in good condition - I was very happy till yesterday. Few months ago engine light came up, and then it went away by it self second day. And then again...
  4. E

    '08 E350 petrol - M272 engine camshaft plug seals

    I have a leak from at least one of the camshaft plugs on the E350. Is there anything special-to-type about the plug seals, or are they just standard O-rings?
  5. M

    Camshaft sensor location 4 Cyl 2005 E220 W211

    Hi Anyone know the location of the camshaft sensor on a 2005 E220 CDI ? My car has thrown up a P2043 error. I get this on hot starts.
  6. R

    M271 Camshaft issue

    Hi all, I have a E200 CGI 2011 cabriolet with 61k on the clock. At 57k I had the EML come on with the fault relating to the camshaft sensors which were replaced at a cost of £500. The check engine light came on last night and I'm being told that it is the same issue. The sensors were...
  7. S

    B200 CDI Camshaft sensor

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know the location on the engine for the camshaft sensor on a 2010 B200 CDI W245 engine. I have looked all over the cylinder head and cannot see it anywhere. Any help would be gratefully received. Cheers Stan
  8. Z

    Same camshaft on 320 as a c36amg?

    I have a c36 amg -96 with vin: WDB2020281F320682 My camshaft for the the intake snapped and now i looking for a used one. I been told by the dealship that it's the same camshaft for more then just the c36. i got one from a scrapyard that's been on a E320 w124 automatic -1995 with vin...
  9. R

    Camshaft Problem - R107 300SL 1987

    Newby in seek of advice... My camshaft needs replacing on my 300SL, however I cannot find a supplier with a new camshaft, or camshaft kit in stock. Everybody on eBay UK seems to buy from a Co named Fibi in Germany, but they dont have one in stock. Can anybody advise if I can get my camshaft...
  10. H

    2012 W204 C180 (M271) cam adjuster @ 39K ??

    Hello, newbie here, have recently purchased a 2012 C Class C180 Coupe, full MB service history. At 39700 miles engine light appears on dash, fault code P0340 Camshaft position sensor. Diagnostics narrowed down to intake side - sensor duly replaced fault code cleared - approx 100 miles later...
  11. D

    E200K Camshaft magnet / air flap valve problem.

    I have a W210 E200K. Engine type M111957 I am getting fault code P0010 - “A” Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit (Bank 1). I am also not getting any supercharger boost because the air flap valve/bypass valve (the thing next to the air box, above the supercharger) is remaining wide open all...
  12. E

    Remove intake camshaft 611 CDI

    Another Vito thread! - I've a 2003 108CDI I have removed the exhaust camshaft, and now need to remove the intake camshaft. I've been working outside in the rain all morning and my brain needs a rest. The intake camshaft seems to pass through a chain tensioner, and I can't see how to...
  13. Gaz74

    C32 camshaft failure

    So my C32 AMG is sick. It suddenly ran really rough, lost compression and power and it turns out that one of the exhaust lobes on the camshaft has turned out of position. Mercedes want over £900 inc VAT for a new one, which is way more expensive than I thought it might be, or indeed what it...
  14. P

    P2095 / P2136 Error Codes Camshaft Position Actuator Circuit High ?

    Hi Folks, I just received a generic OBD2 bluetooth scanner, the cheap ones of ebay and am running Torque on an Android phone. I started the car from cold and received the following two errors: P2095 - Powertrain B Camshaft Position Actuator Control Circuit High bank2 c P2136 -...
  15. B

    Sheffield Specialist - Error Codes P0010 and P0020

    Hi all, Just looking for a bit of advise and recommendation... The engine warning light has come on my 56 Reg C180k. Not sure exactly why, the only thing I can think is that my friend who took it for a spin was using the tiptronic gearshift and dropped down from 4-3-2 too quickly. This caused...
  16. harries2


    Plz help were is it and car runs like a bag of bolts on tick over Car is a 2003 1.8 kompressor coupe
  17. B

    vito camshaft sensor

    Does anyone know where the camshaft sensor is on a vito 115 05 reg.I think its right at front of engine but have been told its at back.Thanks:confused:
  18. B

    M104.980 camshaft adjuster wiring

    This connector has broken plastic and therefore can be wired either way round. Is this the correct way? Thought I'd make sure before I seal that oil leak.
  19. A

    Camshaft sensor

    Hi guys, would like to know if a camshaft position sensor from the us designed for a 2005 c230K (w203, m271) would work for a 2005 C180K sport (w203, m271) from the Uk?
  20. Ian Topping

    Camshaft sensor

    Hi, my GL 500 engine light is on and my local garage have diagnosed a sensor problem and I need part A0041539628. Can anybody suggest the best place to buy rather than the stealership cheers Ian
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