1. simon1966

    Heads Up - good deal on conti winter tyres from Camskill

    Hi All I have just received a set of winter tyres from Camskill for my E55. I have never had winter tyres before but seeing as I have just got another set of wheels for summer use I thought it would be a good idea as my car is hopeless in ice and snow! Anyway after some research the...
  2. W

    Camskill recommendation

    Just a short post to show my support for Camskill. I ordered my pair of Falken ZE912 at 13:00 yesterday and they arrived this morning at 9:00. Tyre only prices were £10-20 cheaper per tyre than all other online retailers I searched and £20-40 cheaper than fitted prices. I called my local...
  3. C

    camskill tyres

    very competitive
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