1. T

    RV'ing---The great American & Canadian Pastime

    But Things get toasty sometimes, especially at this time of the year! Something I suppose for a Sunday view, and a cautionionary for you "varacaners"! And Just like car repair shops not all are so well prepared! Some brigades need training! Some are just volunteers. Take care Tuercas...
  2. fabes

    Canadian Sat Nav ideas

    Morning all Am off to Canada in three weeks and have just been let down by a Canadian Ebay seller who apparently had posted me an upto date SD card for my Garmin I do have an immediate refund (hmmm....?) of the CAD paid but now have a problem. I am renting a mid size SUV, so will...
  3. D-18

    Dashing through the snow with Canadian railways

    I bet it takes more than a few leaves on the line to stop these guys....
  4. T

    canadian w205 c300 mp2 worth it?!?!

    Hey guys, need some advice..i am totally confused and struggling right now.. I knew this is a forum in UK...but i need some experienced people for some advices.. i am planning to order a w205 c300 4matic in canada, MSRP: CAD 43,000 I have chosen: polar white, Cranberry red...
  5. horgantrevor

    F1 canadian grand prix death

    Jun.10 (GMM) The F1 world is mourning its first fatality in over a decade, after a track marshal was killed in the wake of Sunday's Canadian grand prix. Photographs depict the marshal, whose identity has not been revealed, holding the rear wheel of Esteban Gutierrez's car steady as a recovery...
  6. Chattonmill

    Canadian Police Chase :D
  7. M

    Canadian VIN number

    Hi I am looking at buying an SL500 in Toronto Canada on the following VIN , and wondered if anyone could check out the spec & year registered for me please. I've not seen the car yet as it is a recent trade in, should be available later this week. I am not sure if North American VIN...
  8. L

    Discount Canadian DVD site!

    HELP!! some kind person pointed me in the direction of a Canadian discount DVD site a few months ago but I'm dambed if I can find it now.....anyone remember the site or the kind fella?
  9. Tan

    Playstation 2 - Canadian games

    Hi A friend has a UK Playstation 2 and wants to play Canadian bought playstation games on it. I heard that a NTSC to PAL converter is needed? Does the playstation also need to be chipped? Regards Tan
  10. Brian WH

    Canadian Car Hire

    Whilst in Canada recently I hired this new car. I did 3000 Km in three weeks and the car was very good, but a bit flat on acceleration compared with mine. Anyone know what it is? :confused: Name blanked out You could switch from Kilometres/Hr to Mph going along...
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