1. WDB124066

    Cancel that gym membership - run a hot bath instead

    Must be April 1. Cancel that gym membership - run a hot bath instead |
  2. C

    2012 C63 Coupe service reminder cancel

    How do I remove the service reminder from the display at start up?
  3. JLR1969

    Having to cancel my C43 Coupe order

    Unfortunately due to personal reasons I am having to cancel my order for the C43 Coupe. Delivery was planned for 2 weeks I have advised the dealer but am awaiting a response. I will probably lose my deposit but not sure what other issues I will face. However if anyone is interested in...
  4. JLR1969

    Can I cancel my order???

    I have paid a £500 deposit and been advised of a build slot in mid-September for delivery early October. I am able to change the spec of the car until the 14th August However I have just done a quote on the same spec car on Coast2Coast and it came out £1750 cheaper. My initial order had a...
  5. D

    c350e - day to cancel or not

    Today is the day.. Need to give notice today if I am going to cancel.. At present i can't decide.. If I cancel I will not be able to reorder the car again. My lease car will have all the merc connect me services disabled. Therefore preventing timed charging, pre heating , charge status etc...
  6. Grovsie31

    Had to cancel policy

    Just rang up to declare my modification to exhaust system, secondary cats are removed and silencer and hastings direct said they wouldn't insure the car. Has anyone else had this problem? Any company's ok with this? its a pretty common mod for these AMG's and lots of others, what are...
  7. grumpyoldgit

    Selling your wheels? Cancel the insurance IMMEDIATELY!

    Scots biker in insurance hell after legal loophole forces him to pay thousands for death crash on his old bike. :eek: This can't be right... can it???? Scots biker in insurance hell after legal loophole forces him to pay thousands for death crash on his old bike - British Bikers Association -...
  8. Twistedmind

    Indicator cancel problem

    K so next problem on the cards I was going around an island today, heard a snap in the steering column area then the indicators will not cancel When turning, I sometimes hear a random snap sound ?? Anybody know how to fix please ?? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  9. J

    Can you cancel automatic mirror curb view in reverse

    I have to back along way up a dead end serveral times a day to my house. I am finding the automatic curb control of the near side mirror every time you go in reverse very tedious, as you then have to adjust the mirror manually. Is there some way of stopping the programme?
  10. jonnyboy

    why would a seller "cancel" a completed eBay transaction?

    Hi all, bit concerned here. Bought a vehicle on eBay sight unseen, under £4k. Seller, vehicle & description seemed spot-on, good comms. Picked it up today, nightmare journey you wouldn't believe so was well late getting there and had a commitment later int he day. Looked car over and drove it...
  11. S

    2001, CLK 320 Indicator wont cancel

    2001, CLK 320 Left indicator wont stop My wifes CLK indicator is constantly flashing on the left hand side. Right indicator works OK but as soon as stalk is returned to the neutral position the left indicator licks in. Any ideas as to whether relay or stalk is at fault much appreciated...
  12. M

    Indicator Won't Cancel

    W210 - RH indicator won't cancel regardles of switch position. LH won't operate except in hazard warning mode. Any ideas? Switch? Relay? Richard
  13. D

    Cancel your plans for next Wednesday, it could be your last day on Earth

    Large Hadron Collider will not turn world to goo by inventor of Internet. He had deduced that it would be “quite plausible” to conclude that black holes resulting from the collider experiment “will grow exponentially and eat the planet from the inside” across a devastating four-year period of...
  14. Bobby Dazzler

    ARRRGGGH!! We may have to cancel your holiday on Sunday

    Missed a call last night, and Virgin sent me a text message to say a voicemail had been left for me, but then wouldn't let me connect. Tried again this morning, and received something along the lines of: "Mr Dazzler. This is the Warden at XYZ Caravan Site. I may have to cancel your...
  15. TheGrocer

    Should I Cancel My Tracker Subscription???

    The time has come around again to pay the Tracker Network guys £135 for the yearly subscription. Cars now 4 years old so thats over £400 for nothing other than peace of mind over the last 4 years. The cars garaged everynight locked up and doesnt often get left anywhere too risky. The insurance...
  16. Goldfish11

    How to cancel RDS Traffic Announcements using Multi function steering wheel

    I have owned my EClass for 4 years and have just discovered this :bannana: I was getting really frustrated as it seemed mad that if you got an RDS TA traffic announcement you could not cancel it from the Multi Function wheel you have to reach over and press any button on the Comand Unit...
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