1. R

    Who do you speak to to have an account cancelled?

    So I tried contacting admin twice now -no response. Why can't I get my account cancelled please, I still managed to login out of curiosity today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. S

    Fleet orders cancelled

    Folks, I got this email sent to me I've taken the link out so you can all see Mercedes-Benz Hull and Lincolnshire Substancial discounts on new cars, if anyone is interested then please contact Mercedes Benz of Hull. I'm not in the market for a brand new car, but theres some belting deals.
  3. R

    Spitfire event cancelled

    This is off topic but I know many of you are, like me, Spitfire fans and take part in /watch the displays over the White Cliffs etc. I need to pass on an urgent message to any of you who were intending to go Spitfire watching or (even flying with) this weekend. Sadly ALL the flights planned...
  4. Koolvin

    National MBClub GTG 27th June 2010 - Cancelled

    All, With great disappointment and much embarrassment, we have to announce that this event is now cancelled. There are many factors as to why this has been cancelled but the main and ultimate one being commitment of time. We had a great committee team and a special thank you has to go out...
  5. Satch

    Motor Show cancelled

    British International Motor Show has been cancelled: first time since 1939!:eek:
  6. mercmanuk

    the ultimate new build cancelled order

    top spec pc for sale I'm selling a new build very high end pc ,work collegue wanted it built ,then changed his mind.. lian li pc 50 aluminium case "all aluminium construction" pioneer 109 16 speed multi format dual layer dvd writer artec 16 speed dvd rom 1024 mb pc3200 (ddr400)memory...
  7. High-Lo

    Pay & Display Penalty Cancelled . . .

    Parked in a pay and display parking bay in Covent Garden back in November and received a penalty ticket despite correctly displaying my pay and display ticket on the front windscreen. Have been sending letters and to them and phoned to explain that I DID have a pay and display valid ticket...
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