1. Meldrew2

    Another candidate for the Darwin awards

    'The happy song makes me HAPPY': 32-year-old woman dead after Facebook post while driving leads to crash | Mail Online
  2. M

    New candidate for the highest mileage AMG in the UK?

    Found this on Pistonheads: High mileage W210 Decent spec and it doesn't look in too bad of condition in the photos, considering the 220k miles. Also the driver's seat doesn't look badly worn, either. Darren
  3. G

    C200 CDI: good or bad candidate for remapping?

    Am I right in thinking that a C200 CDI is the same engine as a C220 CDI but detuned? If so then would it be reasonable to presume that it should remap to the same power/torque as a remapped 220? But are there other differences between a 200 and a 220 such as lower spec transmission and so on...
  4. A

    candidate for London Mayor

    one of the guys from the Volkswagen forums has put himself forward as a "candidate" for the London Mayoral Election on the London Elects You site. Currently he's in the lead and has had a fair bit of publicity on the TV and Radio
  5. Satch

    Darwin Award Candidate It would have been better for humanity if he had just cut that little bit deeper
  6. D

    winter forum pic candidate?!

    try this... Les
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