1. W

    Charcoal canister W202

    I want to replace the charcoal canister. I can't seem to find this part for sale. Any suggestions, or do I have to buy from a dealer?
  2. S

    Rubber strap wrench - safe for oil filter canister?

    so my local chandler has one of those vacuum devices to suck oil out of the dipstick tube. I also note that they have a rubber strap wrench, this looks a bit kinder to the plastic filter canister than a chain wrench, has anyone used one of these? any thoughts?
  3. DRBC43AMG

    M112 intake and mystery canister

    Working on my C240T and M112 engine changing valve cover gaskets, plugs and other items before the winter arrives as my C240T is my winter work horse. To remove the valve covers on the passenger side (LHD) I had to remove the MAF and intake pipe. I saw a rectangular canister which plugs into the...
  4. haggis2768

    c124 black canister under pass side wing?

    replaced the passenger side wing today,waxoyled liberaly,fingers sore from contorting to get that blasted lower A piller bolt in/out!! noticed a black cannister fitted behind the wing,with a couple of tubes coming out? obviously not a camelback for storing whisky/irn bru. am thinking fuel...
  5. benzers

    230TE 1991 Charcoal Canister Q's

    I bought my motor about a month ago now, I've been attempting to do some of the maintenance work myself, indeed with the advice of Mr Haynes. I'm onto the charcoal canister now. What does this do and is it worth replacing? I was at Merc Temple Fortune yesterday, where they kindly went over my...
  6. T

    Fitted new canister type fuel filter - now won't start!

    Hi I fitted a new canister type fuel filter to my ML270 CDI - now it won't start at all. Any advice please? I bought one fuel filter on-line and it was a different type to the one supplied by the Mercedes garage. Are there 2 fuel filters on a 270 CDI??? Would appreciate any help. Thanks
  7. Rob77

    Charcoal canister needed?

    I'm putting together a collection of the various filters, etc, needed for a major service and my Haynes manual mentions some models having an evaporative emission system and needing charcoal canister replacement at 72k miles. It doesn't say whether my model has one though. I'm assuming this...
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