1. AaronE55Cripps

    Cannonball events

    Has anyone any experience of doing them? I was thinking about it for next year but thought it might be very car club focussed and seeing as I do not know any other AMG owners I was wondering if anyone else had experience of doing one of these events. I would be looking to do the Ireland leg as...
  2. M

    Cannonball GT

    Thought I would give you guys a quick write up for a recent event (its very AMG related hence being here) We were invited to do a filming tunnel run through London with our RA550 and we didn't hesitate to say yes ! We even pulled out our stock C63 Coupe to come along too...
  3. TDE1

    Cannonball Run Ireland

    Anyone done this or similar? Looks like fun and would be good to have feedback if anybody has some. Cheers! :)
  4. LeighW

    Cannonball 8000 500SE

    I remember seeing this when the Cannonball was on TV a couple of weeks ago. Apparently it's on again tonight. Looks better without the stickers. :)
  5. BaldGuy

    Cannonball Run

    Does anyone know someone who's doing the Cannonball Run this year?? I'd love to go on it but the price rules it out for me!!!
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