1. V

    Newbeeee from Canterbury

    Hi all, got a 05 ml 270, been visiting this fantastic site on and off for a couple of years. Following all the advice so far iv changed conductor plate and pilot bush All injector seals replaced at a garage, i had black death on number one cylinder so i wasnt feeling to confident to do...
  2. S

    Dent repair Canterbury area

    We've only had our lovely new (to us) CLK280 coupe a couple of weeks when this happens: Went to clean off the dried dust from the morning dew when I noticed some smudges on the bonnet just below the air intake. On closer inspection found smudges to be the print from a trainer sole!!! Then we...
  3. S

    New member - Canterbury area

    Hello to you all. I have been reading posts and gaining much information for some time from these great club pages. I have just got a CLk280 Elegance coupe on a 56 plate. It has done 55k miles with full MB service history and is lovely to drive. It ss Cubanite Silver with cream leather...
  4. timwood2000

    MB Canterbury - are they still there?

    Just rang all the different numbers for MB in Canterbury and all their phones lines are dead. Hope it is just a phone fault and not something more terminal. Anyone know anything about it?
  5. gaz6148

    vikings of canterbury

    i need a merc garage to check over and start servicing my cl 600, has anyone used them, or can reccomend them
  6. A

    Stocks In Canterbury

    Has anyone used Stocks in Canterbury for bodywork/spraying?
  7. dougal74

    T reg Silver C43 A2 Canterbury to Faversham

    Was it anyone on this group? Saturday lunchtime - coach overtakes two lorries, silver C43 (facelift with headlamp wipers) gets close to my boot behind the coach, coach pulls over, I overtake the coach in my blue Lexus RX300, C43 is chomping at the bit and rockets from what I was doing (70ish) to...
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