1. G

    Oil filler cap blown off

    So I was driving my 507 today close to home. Gave it full throttle and then noticed I'd lost power steering and the battery warning message came up. Managed to just get it home - those things without power steering are almost impossible to move! Anyway, opened the bonnet and there was oil...
  2. J

    air cap paint chipped away at edges

    hi on both sides of the edge of air cap on my e250 cgi the paint has completly chipped away right down to the bare metal. I have seen other mercs and some are the same as mine has anyboby here got the same problem. Seems to me this could be a fault with paintwork my car is only 6 years old.
  3. clk320x

    Centre cap

    Anyone know the part number for some CLK w29 alloy centre caps, they are 18" if that makes a difference Cost would also be great Cheers Abs
  4. erdnase

    Fuel filler Cap will Not Open

    Not sure how by my fuel filler cap will not open without multiple tries at getting it to open.Seems a bit hit or miss and never had this problem in CLK but my E Class coupe filer cap seems to be a problem. Does anybody know any other way of open this .
  5. flat6buster

    Amg private lounge cap

    I asked the private lounge for one of their limited edition caps to give to SWMBO. It's a bit masculine for her with the faux carbon fibre effect etc so offering here for £25 incl Hermes delivery. Brand spanking new, unworn, not even tried on.
  6. S

    oil filter cap removal tool

    Can anyone direct me to the correct size tool to remove the oil filter cap on my 2012 E350 please? Hoping to do an oil change tomorrow Thanks
  7. S

    Diamond White Driver's Side Mirror Cap A/B/C/E/CLS/S Class

    Genuine Mercedes-Benz Door Wing Mirror cover WITHOUT indicator lens. No cracks, scuffs or marks. Driver Side/Offside/Right Hand side. I had to purchase a whole new assembly from Mercedes as the indicator failed on my C204. Unfortunately the LED part is not sold separately so I was bent...
  8. D

    SLK 200 water behind fuel cap cover

    I have an SLK 200 and water is accumulating behind the fuel filler cap cover. There appears to be a drain hole through a rubber grommet which I have tried poking an electricians fish wire down but without success. Has anyone had this problem and if so do you have any suggestions for clearing...
  9. T

    Oil Filler Cap extremely tight W202 V6

    I've noticed this over the last few years, the Oil Filler cap on the wifes W202 seems to be getting harder and harder to get off. I now have to try and do it after a run when everythings Hot . I have before on occasion used a pair of molegrips wrapped with a towel. Is it time to replace it ? is...
  10. M

    E Class coupe fuel cap release

    Hi all, Really hoping someone can help me, the fuel cap cover on my 2015 E class coupe will not unlock no matter what I do. (Weirdly, it doesn't look like it's sitting flush with the bodywork either). Have tried everything I can think of, re locking / unlocking the car, unlocking while putting...
  11. GavinP

    2005 S211 filler cap won't unlock

    Made the mistake of locking car at garage before filler cap was closed. Now it won't unlock. Already taken the RHS interior side panel off and can see (and felt - as in "ouch") the actuator is moving back and forwards as it should when key is pressed. Seems as if the metal pin that secures the...
  12. W

    Cream on the oil cap!

    Earlier today I took my oil cap off and notice small amount of cream on the cap and a little on the opening. Is that sign of head gasket or condensation. My car is a clk 240 with 102k. Temperature is normal around 90/100
  13. A

    Changing fuel filler cap

    The tether perished so I've bought another filler cap from Mercedes, no idea why they didn't fit it during the service but that's another issue. How do you remove the tether from the filler door, I've put a pair of pliers around it but it just split the plastic? I suspect it's just a case of...
  14. M

    Wanted Fuel filler cap - W211 E320 CDI

    As per the title Left mine on the roof!
  15. M

    Fuel filler cap - W211 E320 CDI

    Hi I've lost the fuel filler cap for the above. Its a late 2005 model. Have spent a fruitless couple of hours on the internet trying to find a correct replacement but no joy. Does anyone please know the part number and /or where I could get one? Thanks
  16. Reggie-rock

    Fuel filler cap cord fixing, HELP.

    I have purchased a new petrol filler cap for my 2006 CLK as the old one is broken, but I can't work out how to remove the old cord from the inside of the filler cover flap, which is held in place by a kind of grommet which I will reuse for the new one. Can anyone help me please?
  17. manofgresley

    Which Radiator Cap

    Hi all. Does anyone know where i can find the correct part number for a replacement radiator cap for my 2001, CLK 320, W208? The number underneath the cap looks like 210 501 05 15, with 140/200, i have searched the net, but can only find 210 501 03 15. It is the Black Plastic type, not...
  18. dan-mb

    Engine oil cap

    So gents I cant get my CLK (209) engine oil cap off to top it up...cant even get it to move slightly any tips? its one of those caps that doesnt have a proper 'grip handle' just round with a little grove grip at the sides. Thanks in advance DAN-MB
  19. Kris1

    W124 AMG AERO 1 center cap

    Hi, I just finish refurbishment of my set of Aero 1 and looking of center caps original or any new manufactured which will fit AMG Aero1 part No:7400098. Could be not full set of 4 and and any condition. Thanks for your help
  20. Gledsyc63

    New washer bottle cap

    Just got myself new cap for the washer bottle. Looks a lot better than the plastic cap that's usual on.
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