1. Londonscottish

    What's the capacity of the hard disc in a 2010 212?

    as in the title
  2. B

    722.6 oil capacity

    I'll be opening my transmission to replace the lockup/pwm solenoid. How much oil will I need to replace what will come out? The oil was changed about 10,000km ago so I'm not looking to do a complete flush. Some places say 3-4 liters, others 6-7..
  3. 4

    w211 E270 cdi 2003 capacity ???

    Hi my friends. How many litres does it take to full fill the fuel tank in this model ?? And how much is a line in fuel display ? Thnx
  4. T

    Engine coolant capacity

    Hi, I'm going to do a coolant change on my car ( 2007 W 211 E280 cdi ) can someone please let me know what the cooling system capacity is. Thanks in advance
  5. C

    C class (W204) Luggage capacity

    Hello all, it's time to change my E class, I'm looking to move to a C63. One of the many great things about the E class was the size of the boot! I'd like to hear from anyone that has had a saloon or estate or even both as to how much luggage(big suitcases) you can get into each? Looking at...
  6. chubbs111

    diff oil capacity

    i have a 2000 e320 cdi estate and wondered if anyone could tell me the capacity of the diff please,ive looked in the owners manual but cant find it,i intend to change the oil and looking at putting 75/90 in.
  7. H

    c43 engine/gearbox oil type & capacity

    Hi. I have sourced all the parts for my c43 project and will be putting it back together over the next 10 days. I have bought the gear oil from merc but not clear on how much it will take to fill the box and torque convertor from dry and the proper procedure i.e. while its running etc...
  8. T5R+

    ML W164 Fuel Tank Capacity

    Could owners kindly post up how many litres they have manged to get into the vehicle when brimming it. Think that I was on fumes as pump clicked off at just over a 100l. :doh:
  9. G

    E300 Hybrid - Battery capacity max & min

    Quick question to any other E300 Hybrid'ers out there; What's the max and min available charge you've seen from the battery? Mine are 89% and 33%. Just wondered what others' has seen :confused:
  10. Piff

    Increasing boot capacity

    Considering a 2 week holiday in Italy, visiting the classic sites. It would be a shame not to make it a motoring holiday particularly with the SLK. However, 2 weeks & SLK boot don't seem to work together:doh: Anyone got any recommendations for a boot rack? I've just come across Boot Bags...
  11. ab9758

    ML55 tank capacity

    I'm sure we owners know better than the handbook etc the true petrol capacity of our cars. I've only used Shell petrol stations twice recently and on both occasions iI've clocked uunbelievable fills. The last one shows 98.91 litres with the estimated mileage remaining showing 38 miles...
  12. sherco450

    vito w639 fuel tank capacity

    Going off the manual 75 litres is the capacity of the fuel tank including 8 reserve .On a few occasions in the last month l have topped 76 .4 litres and another occasion 77.8 litres Now unless lm been stooged at the local servo, both have been separate filling stations or do petrol capacities...
  13. ItalianTuneUp

    Reserve fuel capacity

    On a motorway run the other day I noticed the fuel gauge was low down in the R territory (reserve), so I took it nice and easy whilst looking out for a petrol station. Amazingly, I noticed the car stated it was getting 51.2 mpg at a speed of about 55mph, which I thought was pretty good! After...
  14. bmthnick1981

    oil capacity on a 560 SEC gearbox

    Hi, can anyone confirm what the oil capacity is on a 560 SEC Gearbox and correct ATF? Thanks
  15. Spinal

    Driving a small capacity vehicle on motorways

    Does anyone know the legalities of driving a 400cc diesel "car/motorbike" on motorways in Europe? Particularly France, Italy and Spain (maybe Gibraltar, Germany, but I can avoid that if needed). I know in Italy there's a 125cc limit for motorways for motorbikes... Is that the same across the...
  16. Benz270cdi

    673 high capacity battery spec's

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone could help With the spec of the optional 673 high capacity battery specs please what CCA and what Ah please? Thanks in advance
  17. D

    E270 cdi Oil Capacity

    Hi All, Recent defector from Jaguar looking for advice please, just changed oil & filters on my newly aquired 2003 E270 cdi and computor keeps telling me i need to add 2 litres !, i put in 6.30 litres as handbook says 6.5 litres, ive tried it on at least 4 differant level hardstandings but it...
  18. M

    E Class 280 & 320 Engine Size Capacity Question

    Could someone more qualified than me confirm the engine size capacity please. My understanding was that both the "280" & "320" have the same size engine capacity (2957 CC V6) with the difference being engine performance related. The "280" and "320" relates to the model number of the car and not...
  19. mark_le_b

    When did W211 E500 increase in capacity happen??

    Can anybody tell me when the E500 moved to the larger (and more powerful) engine? I think it was 2006 sometime?? Thanks
  20. M

    Engine Oil Capacity For E320 CDI (W210)

    Got my MOT today and it passed with no advisories. I also had a full service and I supplied all the filters and oil. It turned out Mercedes main dealership had given me the wrong dust filter so that'll have to be exchanged. The Mercedes main dealership had told me I'd need 7 litres of...
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