1. WDB124066

    Sunscreen saves your skin but wrecks your car paintwork

    Imagine if this catches on. I think somebody may need to change a formula or two.
  2. jdrrco

    Lorra car for £12k
  3. N

    Cheaper to park an Airbus A320 than a car for 15 mins.

    Funny old world. Plane parking cheaper than drop-off zone at Edinburgh Airport - BBC News
  4. M

    Car Detailer in/around Staffordshire

    Hi all, not been around for a while due to my ongoing battle with the big C, but I'm still here, still kicking and enjoying Mercedes motoring whenever I can. A while ago, I posted a recommendation for a local car detailer in Stafford called Joe Phillips and his business JP Details - since...
  5. AngryDog

    Wheels on lowered car (Links)

    I am going to be lowering my E55 with lowering links. Will I have any issues with the offset of my wheels? Will I need camber bolts? Thanks.
  6. K

    Best option for selling a car?

    I'm looking to sell my car due to moving abroad. So far, I've only listed the car for sale on Gumtree and Ebay but only annoying traders seem to contact me. I knew it was a long shot trying to sell on Gumtree or Ebay so will look to list it somewhere else, but was wondering what people's...
  7. C

    Car auto locks but doesn't auto unlock

    Hi all, hoping someone can help with my 2014 W204 C63 estate. Auto door locking is switched on via the OBC in the instrument panel, car auto locks as I drive off but doesn't unlock at the end of the journey when I put it in P, apply the parking brake and switch the engine off. It worked fine...
  8. mark44

    Hire car gold

    Just got lucky on the rental car lottery in France. I reserved a '5+2 seat' MPV. At check-in was asked if I wanted to upgrade for 50 euros a week. I agreed and nabbed a new Renault Espace 7-seater with 500km on the clock (after rejecting the Peugeot 5000-thing) What a great car! Very...
  9. PenelopePitstop

    New car paint protection in Milton Keynes area.

    My friend is collecting new car and asked me to find him recommended detailer who could do ceramic paint protection. I searched the forum and couldn't see anything in that area. Maybe someone in NW London as we have office there and he could drop the car off while going to work. Do you know...
  10. I

    Tyre Skipping: Now it's my fault for buying a car with 20 inch rims.

    An interesting conversation with AMG yesterday following a referral by MB C.S regarding my GLA45AMG tyre skipping. In summary, I was informed the tyre skipping I am experiencing is characteristically different to that experienced by GLC owners. (Having viewed YouTube videos from GLC owners...
  11. C

    Servicing on collection on a used car by the supplying dealer - C63 ppp

    Hi, I bought my C63 from a MB dealer almost 12 months ago. 3 years old and ~23k on the clock. It's now got ~32k on it I've just rung my local MB dealer for a "B5" Service and was quoted about ~£1150. Everything I've read on here suggested ~600 is nearer the norm so dug a bit deeper in to the...
  12. Alex225

    Battery Charger - Car Outside

    So, my CLS has been sat still for some time covered up and as you'd imagine the battery is knackered. Tried charging it but not having any of it so I have an OEM one I'll be picking up today. Over the winter I know the car will be laid up and covered as I won't be using it during the winter...
  13. clk320x

    Stolen car being broken for parts? Seems fishy that a GB reg vehicle is being parted out in Lithuania??? But would they make it so obvious without blanking out the plate etc? Hmm either way seems a bit iffy?
  14. MancMike

    What old car is this guy driving?

    Someone here will know for sure. Massive ridge down it's cheese grater bonnet, I've no idea what it is, but curiosity got the better of me... hdTAQtD1kVo?t=1m48s (at 1:48 if the timed link doesn't work)
  15. lisa110rry

    New pictures of my little car

    Recently the lane I live on was resurfaced with all the attendant mess and disruption. A neighbour on a parallel lane allowed me to park on his large drive. He's a proper clever photographer and took the opportunity to take a couple of pictures which now grace my album (and my avatar). I'm...
  16. grober

    Car Customising- the Italian way

    Not everyone's cup of tea but some interesting images Garage Italia Customs | Where dreams come true
  17. developer

    My Car Has Been Stolen

    Details to follow, but forced entry into the house at 10pm last night and keys handed over under threat from multiple assailants :(.
  18. bob6600

    Car worth less than £1k? Sell for FREE on AT

    Might help some members looking to sell Competition for Gumtree etc probably forced their hand Watch a spate of £999 listed cars with £1999 in the description lol Sell My Car | Value Your Car and Sell Quickly Online Auto Trader UK 2 week advert, limited to 3 photos How much is it...
  19. D

    When viewing a car...

    ...on the internet, does it put you off if the seller blanks the plate? It does do me, in fact I completely disregard any car advertised this way. Just wondering the average of buyers who are put off or don't care...
  20. M

    Mercedes Me - Address not being received in Car

    When I send an address from the Mercedes Me App on my iphone it is no longer received. It says address sent but eventually returns an error message. I've tried setting up Mercedes Me in maps but that doesn't work either. It was working fine up until few weeks ago. I would be grateful for...
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