1. C

    W166 2014 bulb failure warning with led's on caravan

    Hi guys can anybody offer advice on how to stop bulb failure message on command when caravan connected, van has led lights all lights working ok
  2. M

    Caravan Weight

    Hi. Does anyone know what maximum weight of small caravan I could tow with an A Class W169 A170 Automatic. .
  3. D-18

    Tractor / Caravan on German Autobahn

    Can't see too many people complaining about being held up by this tractor / caravan.....
  4. Howard

    For the caravan lovers

    :cool::D ****house crap caravan - suitable for dogging / sordid affairs / murdering | eBay
  5. Timster

    Selling My Classic Folding Caravan

    Open to reasonable offers: For Sale: See Video / Pictures here: My Andre Jamet Folding Caravan. Unknown exact age, but my research leads me to believe its from the late 60’s, early 70’s. I bought in 4 years ago...
  6. janner

    L306D motor caravan

    Not Ebay... Something a bit different 1975 Mercedes-Benz L306D Motor Caravan Auction - Classic Car Auctions & Sale - H&H
  7. ringway

    Towing a Caravan or Trailer. The rules are changing.

    New rules for towing a caravan or trailer come into effect on the 19th of January 2013. Your entitlement to tow a caravan or trailer will depend on the driving licence you hold. The categories detailed on your driving licence will determine what you can tow. LINK to full information and...
  8. W

    touring caravan / motorhome hire

    Looking to buy some tickets for Goodwood Revival next year and wondering how to best avoid the queues getting in (without setting off before dawn!) Thinking of caravan or motorhome, but i don't have either. Has anybody got any recommendations for hire of touring vans or motorhomes at cheap...
  9. AJA

    Dol Llys Farm Caravan & Campsite

    We've just got back from Dol Llys Farm Caravan & Campsite and thought I'd post up how impressed we were with the site. we can highly recommend it for a quiet peaceful retreat. The River Seven runs through it and the fishing is free too, we even caught two small fish using a small net. Campfires...
  10. P

    Towing a caravan

    I am looking to buy a c class for towing my caravan.Because of money available the petrol version fits my pocket as a 1to 2 year old car.Does anyone tow with the petrol model and how do you find it .The van is 1420 kg´s mtpl Challenger.I would be grateful for any info as I am due to buy in next...
  11. A

    Pictures from the NEC caravan & Camping show this weekend

    Hello 99% of you will probably slate them but as we queued to get in the car parks I'm guessing we cannot be the only ones that like Caravans and Motorhomes.. Some various pics of the show.. Pop out this way and that is the way forward either motorhome or caravan...
  12. A

    Anyone going to the Caravan & Camping show @ NEC

    Anyone else going? We are off to look at the new vans :)
  13. J

    Caravan help please

    Hello folks!! Well me and the other half have gone and got married, we almost......we've brought a caravan!, its our first, sniff! All shed dragging jokes to one side, and believe me I'm gonna hear ALL of those from the boys at work!, I need some guidance. We have brought a 2000...
  14. M

    2009 American Caravan for sale

    I have listed my American caravan for sale on Ebay. It has a large garage and sleeps 6 -8 and has 2 slide out rooms. 2009 American Caravan with Garage and 2 slide outs Race on eBay (end time 30-Nov-10 22:23:51 GMT)
  15. A

    Anyone off to the NEC Caravan show soon.

    Hello Anyone going? Cheers
  16. G

    towing a caravan

    hi guys i have a Mercedes c200 kompressor auto and i am thinking of having witter tow bar fitted to the car and will be towing a caravan. do i need to have extra electrics fitted to the car due to having single electrics also do i need a special fitting so it registers on the dash as towing ...
  17. W

    Caravan scam using my phone number

    On VivaStreet there is a nearly new caravan for sale for not much money. I'm guessing this is too cheap and therefore a scam. Usually I would not be bothered but the phone number on the advertisement is my land line! I've tried contacting the vendor through the site, but to no response. The...
  18. LTD

    The caravan season is looming ......

    :D <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  19. SilverSaloon

    Towbar saves the day again!

    Hi my W124 was bumped from behind today as a stopped at traffic lights (car in front of me slammed brakes on a bit, i then broke hard, but lady behind didnt so much :mad:). Anyway, it was just a little bump and luckily the towbar saved the day again. No visible damage to towbar either so we...
  20. SilverSaloon

    Driver Asleep When Towing A Caravan!

    Hi during my drive to Dorset with the caravan for a couple of weeks holiday, i saw the following; on the way (around stoke on trent area) of the M6 i came up behind a car and caravan (irish plate i think) that kept on creeping into the middle lane when cars were parallel with it. looked...
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