1. T

    Starting troubleshooting, 175CDT carb fueled W123

    Hi, my first post here. I am looking for a trouble-shooting guide for starting problems with my 175CDT equipped 1985 W123. Current problem: Engine started on first attempt from cold (after standing more than three weeks). Was running a bit lumpy, hesitant on moderate throttle input, but...
  2. 6

    2.0 pierburg carb issues on 190

    Hi Folks , Im new to 190 ownership and am trying to get my car running sweeter . I am looking for info on idle adjustment on the Pierburg 175 carb - also a source of the Cut off solenoid as mine is running on as its stuck in the open position and the electrical connection is burned out ...
  3. J

    w201 190 carb shut off problem

    Hello All, I have recently acquired a nice 1990 190 carburetor. It has one problem. Occasionally it will cut out or stall when running (usually at speed) and then refuse to re-start for a minute or so. I have traced the problem to the shut off system. If I disconnect the electrical feed...
  4. M

    w201 carb idle adjustment/running rich

    Hello, I am new to the forum and new to the merc world, I recently inherited an old carbed 190 from my grandfather, the thing is running rich an gives terrible mpg's and a bit rough on idle 1100 rpm can anyone help me to adjust it? the worst is that the mot station told me if you want to use...
  5. D

    W201 carb engine running problems

    I have a 190 carburettor manual model. The engine is not idling smoothly and is fairly lumpy. When I accelerate hard sometimes it gives a few misses then takes off. I have to date had the carb overhauled, replaced plugs, plug leads, distributor cap, engine mountings (thought it might be...
  6. V

    W124 200 carb has no power

    The car takes very long to accelerate. Engine timing and valve timing are ok.Vacuum advance unit in distributor does not leak.Diff ratio is correct.Went through the whole car but cannot find anything wrong. Car is serviced and it has a good used import motor on which I have did a leak-down...
  7. G

    190 (carb) auto for sale

    I have 3 cars but not really enough space so I'm offering my 190 carb for sale. 1988, 92k miles, petrol green metallic with boot spoiler, period alloys (in good condition), 4 speed auto, 4 electric windows, electric sunroof, JVC CD/radio. 1,500 miles approx since last MOT in March where it got 1...
  8. C230kompressor

    W201 carb

    hi there iv braught a w201 2.0l carb it seems to me to be ideling a little high for my liking does any one know if you can adjust the mixture on the carb? all i know about the carb is that its a pierburg! any help will be greatfull thanx
  9. G

    Very nice 190 carb possible sale

    I have a 1988F metallic blue/green (petrol green, I think it's called) 190 carb, auto, 4 electric windows. electric sunroof, 7 hole alloys, rear spoiler. It's the one with the (improved) duplex timing chain. Just passed MOT with 1 advisory (slightly corroded brake pipes) and taxed until end...
  10. S

    w114 w115 carb set up and tuning help needed

    Hi to all and many thanks to the site owners for all that's here. I have a 1972 250 saloon its in like new condition with 57k genuine miles on the clock. I'm up for tuning my carbs so the set up is just right. Can any one please help? Dose any one have the factory setups for the carbs. The...
  11. D

    w124 1988 190 2L Pierburg Carb Mixture Screw

    Hi I hope someone can help me with this. My 1988 190 is running sweet, but is running too rich, causing the emmissions to show as around 7 ( whatever you call its ) rather than the 3.5 the MOT man requires. I am wasting petrol , which at current prices is just daft, and obviously killing the...
  12. P

    1990 200 Carb ABS dead but warning light only on with lights

    This is odd. The ABS is not working, but the ABS light goes out when started and will only light up when the side/head lamps are on!!! Is this some sort of MB clue as to what might be wrong? All opinions gratefully received. Peter
  13. C

    Carb float level

    Hi everyone More questions for you ... I have just pulled apart a Stromberg 175 CD carb and the Haynes manual says the float level should be 18-19mm. Does anyone know where to measure this from? Cheers Col
  14. C

    Stromberg 175CD Carb Manual Required

    Hi I have a Stromberg 175CD (Pierberg) carb on a 190 2.0 (201). Has anyone got a repair manual for this carb. The Haynes manual is a little lean on information and only does half of it anyway. I have always had trouble with the idelling on this car and have replaced the diaphragm etc and it...
  15. abbos

    Carb Tuning?

    Hey everyone, Hope you all enjoying the sun (where it is shining) and the easter weekend! I'm looking at buying a classic 230/4 (w114/115?) and the current owner has said that it could do with the carbs being tuned. I am not that mechanically minded but is this something I can do or...
  16. Ian B Walker

    Pierburg Carb

    Just in the process of stripping this carb down as it has been spewing out fuel when really cold. So rather than just strip down / clean / put back together I thought why not refurb it with an overhaul kit, so.............anyone have the Part Number for this item? Many thanks in advance.
  17. N

    190 (carb) dies when cold

    My 1988 (auto) carb (pieburg) has taken to dying when its cold, not all the time but more often than not, it starts fine but you get a bout 1-2 miles down the road and the engine just dies. It will fire again but then, almost immediattly dies, theres nothing I can do to prevent it either...
  18. L

    Front Grille/Frame etc Mercedes 190 Carb on a D Plate (87)

    Hi all I have a Mercedes 190 carb D (1987) i went to Asda and came back to my car to find some ---- (you can guess what i said) had bashed my front grille, buckling the chrome and cracking all the plastic. Other than a Merc garage, is there anywhere that would sell them and what sort of...
  19. jaymanek

    My 123 Carb again

    Hi all, Well after i have completely reconditioned the carb, its not running that much better than before! After speaking to some 123 experts, they reckon if i can get my carb to set correctly with my 115 engine, ill be the first in the country! Anyway, i have another related problem...
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