1. H

    W123 200e Carburettor

    Does anyone know of a good place to get my Carburettor refurbished in Manchester area? Thanks
  2. S

    please help need carburettor for 250

    Hello can anyone help me to find a reconditioned or second hand carburettor for a 1977 mercedes 250 auto saloon I live in France and am having no joy at all. there must be some solution to my problem she is called marilyn and she is part of our family. best Robert
  3. H

    Pierburg Carburettor - Does it have a return spring?

    Afternoon, i have a question about the carb currently in my '72 W115. Its a pierburg/stromberg carb (175 CD)...but the accelerator pedal stick to the floor when fully pressed. Just wonderng whether there should be a return spring as it seems to come up ok when lifting it by hand....not the...
  4. jaymanek

    Carburettor Help needed

    Hi Guys, I had my manifold changed on my 123 200 Engine last week. Now i have a problem with the carb...I cant seem to set it right. Before i changed the manifold, the car would always hesitate a little untill it warmed up to 60 or 70....but only a little. Now it doesnt even like me...
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