1. R

    So what started you off on your career path?

    As per the title - what go you into / made you want to follow your chosen career path? Was there a trigger event? Did you just "fall" in to it or was there a magic "ta-da" moment?
  2. Spinal

    Career Advice

    Again with my stupid career advice! I've been put in the difficult position of picking between two very different, but very interesting companies... (I do IT sec consultancy btw) Option 1: * One of the big 4 audit firms * £29000 salary (no bonuses, non negotiable) * Pension matching 5% *...
  3. A

    Career uncertainty

    I've never really posted here before about something like this but it might be a good place to start. I'm currently in the Pharma industry, work for a reputable company, good wages, they treat the employees VERY well and all the rest of it but there's a BUT... The 'but' here is that I do...
  4. Donza

    Thinking about career change: Currently Qualified Accountant

    Hi, i'm pondering a career change. I currently work at a major blue-chip as a Finance manager. Tasks involve driving the business forward etc through management accounting etc. Pay is good, could be better (cant it always!). But i feel as though my hearts not in it anymore. I am nearly 28...
  5. Bear

    Eeyore has taken up a modelling career!!

    I'm surprised Eeyore finds the time in his busy lifestyle now:rolleyes:
  6. garystu1965

    A career in the tourism industry beckons...NOT !

    My parents are just back from a trip to west coast USA. Myself and an Uncle and Aunt went round to view their pictures on the TV screen (connected up to the camera in slideshow mode). My mum was doing the narration as the slideshow progressed and she was a bit giddy and excited. There...
  7. Pietre

    Advice Please Re: New Career

    I am debating starting a course with Computeach to get the MCSE and CCNA qualification at some considerable cost. Is there plenty of work in this environment. I am being told of £500+ per day as potential earnings with Security+ and CCNA. Are these pie in the sky dreams or a reality. The course...
  8. se97mlm

    OT IT Career advice please

    Hey guys! I know from previous threads that lots of you work in IT... I am considering a career change to IT from engineering and wondered how to best go about it. I already have an engineering masters degree, so don't want to go back to full time education. Am particularly interested in...
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