1. A

    Mercedes E300 Blutec Hybrid 2014 Cargo Net

    Greetings to all first post here My nut is being well and truly done in by the boot of my otherwise excellent AMG Sport E 300 Blutec on dear reader ...I cannot work out how the six (6) boot anchor points work and thus have reverted to trying to get a boot cargo net If anyone can...
  2. T

    W202 refitting of passenger footwell cargo net

    Evening, I've (almost) finished drying out my new W202 after it had the blocked AC drain issue - it has a dehumidifier in it right now. I wonder how the cargo net is fitted to the passenger footwell. It clearly clips in place, but is the plastic join (for the bungee part - pictured)...
  3. D

    MB cargo mat and high vis jackets

    Got spare a new MB cargo net and 2 x MB high vis jackets. Only the case is branded MB the jackets are plain. Cargo Net: £12.00 Jacket: £6 each or both for £10
  4. The _Don

    Mercedes Benz cargo net

    Brand new sealed mb cargo net for a C class, may fit other models. £25 delivered.
  5. D

    Genuine MB cargo net

    Hello Got a new and unopened cargo net for a Mercedes C class. I assume it'll fit many others too. £25 delivered.
  6. I

    Want to convert Vito van cargo bay lights to LED strips

    Hi guys / gals. New to this forum, so hi to everyone. I have just bought a NEW vito 116 Bluetec van. I had my last Vito van from new since 2004. Loved it :-). Ok, so in my last van I converted the rear cargo bay silly little light, to two strips of LEDs, simply by wiring them straight to the...
  7. ChrisEdu

    Boot liner and cargo net for S210 E-Class estate

    As I no longer have my S210 estate, I have for sale my Mercedes brand deep boot liner and the cargo net. Asking £30 for the pair, collection from West Sussex. Net is in perfect condition, as far as I can tell. The boot liner is in good condition - barely used, just a few little scratches. Photos...
  8. flowrider

    W166 cargo nets, where to buy

    I am looking for genuine cargo nets for a W166 ML, can someone point me in the right direction, i have search but the only hits are in the US. Thanks
  9. D

    Cargo net? in passenger well

    Hi can anyone tell me where I can get the net/holder in the passenger footwell on mtc220 2003. Thanks
  10. C

    Wanted R Class cargo cover

    Would prefer in light colour but will consider anything.
  11. D

    W123 cargo net

    I am trying to find a cargo net for a w123 TE in blue if possible . I haven't been able to track one down in Ireland . If anyone has any info on one please reply thanks
  12. pstock

    Rear cargo net

    I am looking to buy a cargo net for my CL 500 (the one which goes all the way across the boot . But it's the wrong color, can anybody tell me what are these made of and can they be dyed ? Thanks
  13. Darrell

    Cargo costs

    I am driving a Transit over to Skiathos in April and a few ex pats have requests for various items. They will all be packed into boxes so everything will be easy to measure. Question is, what would a reasonable charge per cubic metre be?
  14. D

    Genuine C Class Dog Guard and Cargo Divider

    Selling a genuine Mercedes 2-piece Dog guard and Cargo Divider. Was fitted to my W202 C43 Estate but will fit the W203 as well. In nice condition - Divider is unmarked and the upper guard has a couple of small patches where the satin black paint has flaked off. Complete with all fittings and...
  15. Kingpin!

    R-Class cargo mat

    Hi forum! Anybody knows if there are good cargo/trunk/boot mats available the R-Class (2006 SWB)? I'm looking for both with 3rd row folded and without. Preferably genuine MB but that is not critical as long as it is good quality and fits properly. Ideally it is a plastic mat with raised edges.
  16. WDB124066

    124 Transmission tunnel cargo net.

    Were these ever available for late model cars - post 93, does anybody know or have a picture? Regards to all, W.
  17. B

    Loading Cargo Locking issue

    I have purchased a 2007 sprinter, it was a previously a DPD van so had the slam locks fitted, I have removed them. Now the front cabin locks but the rear does not. I have opened up the back doors and all wiring etc seems ok. Can anyone help? Will i need to get locking reprogrammed?
  18. sherco450

    vito squeaky cargo area

    last few weeks the cargo area has become noisy / annoying on the w639.. l have owned 3 other vitos w638 and same deal. as l drive alot on mountain /twisty roads.. the w638 i occasionally went around and tighten any screws on the roof bracing and it helped. the w639 has only a few screws and...
  19. U

    ML164 Cargo net

    Hi I've just taken ownership of a ML300 CDi and love it. My problem is I can't find a cargo net to keep the dog safe in the back. Lots of nets for the W163 out there but none for the W164. Very intertested in buying one if anyone has one. Thanks!
  20. M

    W163 ML Cargo net for sale

    As new , hardly used . This is the one that fits vertically to stop items being thrown into the main cabin. £75 plus shipping at cost . Local collection available from Blackpool or Rochdale area.
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