1. N

    Viseeo Cark 11 Required

    Looking for a working Viseeo Cark 11 Bluetooth adapter that works with Nokia's Cark-91 car kit. Please contact me if you have one you no longer use and are happy to sell it
  2. crockers

    CarK 91 Nokia carphone kit

    I have had taken out of my wife's car the Nokia phone kit that is used with the Nokia 6310i. It was fully working when in situ. It comprises of - Cradle Full wire loom aerial microphone black box into which all is plugged. I appreciate that this is now an old ancient piece of kit but have seen...
  3. I

    Nokia Cark 91...fitting

    Does anyone know how long it should take fit one of these handsfree kits into a 129? It's for a 6310i. My feeling is about 1 1/2 hours. Does this seem reasonable? Also is it necessary to dismantle anything, eg on or about the dash? Thanks folks
  4. I

    Installing Nokia Cark 91

    Anyone know how long it takes for a pro to fit one of these?'s the kit for a 6310i (the best phone ever!!)
  5. SilverSaloon

    nokia cark kit installation

    hi i have fitted my nokia cark kit ok and its working fine, muting the radio etc. however there are a couple of wires (green, blue etc) that the manual says "leave these disconnected", and only instructs to connect live, earth and telephone mute wires. i was wondering if anyone knows...
  6. guydewdney

    cark 91 nokia 6310i car kit.

    working, used, needs new gluey thing for aerial to stick to glass. offers? 30 quid? can install in the berks/ bucks / oxon / herts area for a small fee.
  7. I

    Cark 126 Handsfree kit

    As the UK laws are now demanding mobiles to be held in a cradle while driving thought I'd take the opportunity to install a proper kit so I'm now trying to install a Nokia cark 126 in my CLK with an Audio 10 headunit and I've found most the info needed to wire everything in except when it comes...
  8. F

    Nokia Cark 91 Install

    HI folks , having to transport my carkit into the new wagon , i decided to buy a smart lead which powers the cark91 and also mutes the radio when a call comes in and plays the audio through the front speakers. When reading the instructions on how to fit the lead , there is a big section...
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