1. B

    MB of Carlisle - who to speak to

    Been trying to get my car booked in for a service and have asked for a best price but the man Ive spoken to never got back. Who's the best person to speak to without asking to speak to "The Service Manager". Ive built a good relationship with my other dealers and like to know who Im...
  2. mercedesmanleed

    Idependent working today near carlisle

    Hi there does anyone know if there is an indie near Carlisle who is working today need some advice as thing front spring has bust
  3. S

    In Scotland but further south than Carlisle...

    A weekend away with my mate was in order. The 211 performed brilliantly. Took the booze, and copious amounts of food required to fuel me. Went to a campsite in Dumfrieshire, and stayed in a "Wigwam"-basically a mini chalet as it was chucking it down and quite chilly. However, getting to the...

    Carlisle Castle & Hadrians wall, day out.

    Making the most of the reasonable last of the good weather we went Carlisle Castle first and then to Hadrian's wall. Parking in Carlisle is a bitch! and this on a Thursday! we had to go to four car parks!:wallbash: The Castle was OK and only £4.50 anymore I don't think it would have been value...
  5. C240Sport97

    Places to stay in Carlisle

    Am off to North Uist in early August, and going to drive from London. Idea is to stop overnight somewhere near Carlisle. Need beds for 3 adults (all single). Anyone got any good suggestions? Travellodge charges £60, but it's for a double bed and a sofa bed, which is sub optimal. Thanks.
  6. M

    Autotech - Carlisle

    Can't say enough about these two ex mb lads who have just fettled the B service on my W208 CLK. If your in Carlisle/Cumbria they know there stuff, are exceptionally helpful and provide very good value. B service came in at around £200 with all MB parts and diagnostics used.
  7. jukie

    Indie near Carlisle?

    I've just moved up here, looking for an indie near Carlisle for emergencies. Will still be using S&R in Formby when and where possible, even with a 260 mile round trip, though!!
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