1. h17n dj

    W126 Interior Carpet

    Hello all, As per the title, I am looking for the interior carpet for my W126 500 SEL. Anybody have one for sale or know of where one can be obtained? Thanks.
  2. John N

    Carpet Annoys me!

    The C Class has Carpet up to about Knee level in the Front Foot wells, I have just started to notice that the Carpet to the Left in the Drivers Foot-well where my Left Leg Leans against it, irritates my skin, even through my Trousers! :eek: I'm beginning to worry that I'm Allergic to my Cars...
  3. P

    Microswitch thingy under drivers footwell carpet.

    I cleaned my new 124 for the first time tonight and had the carpets out for a poke around. Under the driver's footwell carpet theres a small bracket with a wire to a sprung-loaded things that appears to be a microswitch. I have so many questions that I hope the Haynes manual that I have on...
  4. D

    R107 SL Floor mats

    First time poster! Any recommendations for a good set of colour matched R107 floor mats? All help very much appreciated!
  5. L

    Carpet Stain Removal help.

    So when i recently gave the inside of the CLS a clean and removed the passenger side floor mat i found a secret lurking deep down. A large, what i presume to be Coffee Stain. I have no idea how long this has been here and attempted to remove this at the weekend. Fortunately i own a VAX 6131T...
  6. M.A.94

    W210 front passenger foot well carpet slit

    I've noticed that the front passenger side foot well carpet on my w210 has a slit on the edge. I was wondering if this has been done after or if this is how they all are. Also does the plastic trim go above or under the carpet. As mime currently is under. See image for reference.
  7. Charles Morgan

    Carpet stain protector

    Been busy cleaning up the Citroen SM interior. The carpets are quite light and immediately show the dirt quite badly in the pedal area. Has anyone used a stain protector like the 303 High Tech Fabric Guard on their cars to any success?
  8. C

    Front footwell carpet mat securing clips

    Does anyone know where I can find a set of these for my w210? I will be searching the scrappies this week, I just wondered if there is a part number for them or anywhere to get them online? In my searches so far I can only find more mats! Or people in america that have found them! :wallbash:
  9. RyanMuller

    Using Spare Carpet for the Merc!

    Had some carpet left over so made some door protectors! :D
  10. LiveForever

    2012 c class coupe boot carpet

    As in post title, I am looking for a 2012 c class coupe boot carpet. Managed to get half a tin of emulsion on mine, managed to get it out before it ran onto anything else. Thanks
  11. eddie007

    Carpet set 1962 coupe

    hi, I am after a 2nd hand or new full carpet set for a 220seb coupe LHD. thanks
  12. T

    2012 C Class Boot Carpet

    Hi! I noticed on my inspection of my new car that the rear of the boot carpet is missing the clips to hold it in place. Can someone point me in the right direction in how to find these please? With my BMW we had realoem site that had it broken down so I've no idea on my Merc :) Thanks!
  13. uumode

    Where to buy tunnel carpet mats?

    Looking for W205 dark charcoal tunnel carpet mats Doesn't seem to be official ones out there, so any which fit.
  14. B

    W209 Clk carpet mats

    Looking for some black Clk carpet mats in very good condition. Thanks
  15. PhilLinda

    S212 Boot Carpet

    The loan C-class estate we had whilst our Car was in for service had a loose carpet in the boot to protect the fitted carpet. Anyone know where I can get one for the E-class estate (2012)? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  16. F

    C63 AMG - Boot Carpet & Amplifier Location

    Hi All, I recently took collection of my car with the upgraded harmon kardon sound system, I was looking to add a simple JL Audio W3V3 into the equation for a bit more bass. I have done nearly all the research and purchased all the kit as follows. JL Audio HO110-W3V3 (Currently run an...
  17. Charles Morgan

    Removing grease on carpet

    I started cleaning the interior of my SM (nice blowy day to dry it). The nearside rear carpet has grease marks from the fateful day when the disc brakes exploded taking out the drive shaft and gearbox and I (distractedly) put the remains in the back. After cleaning with Autoglym interior...
  18. P

    Rear carpet mat for w211

    Need the original deep pile for passenger rear. It's like a dark grey/black colour
  19. S

    carpet for a w123

    I have a 1981 w123 in mint condition except for a bit of the carpet has been eaten by mites so I need to replace it. Any idea where I can get some rolls of Mercedes original carpet so i can cut a piece to size? thanks
  20. H

    w202 black boot carpet

    after a w202 boot carpet in black please. thanks.
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