1. Piff

    Carphone problem

    Bought a 2007 Volvo S80 about 6 months ago. Over the last month have had an error message on the dashboard display on-call service required. Message pops up about once a week (apparently popped up twice today) SWMBO took it into supplying main dealer today (about 50 miles away - took over 3...
  2. crockers

    CarK 91 Nokia carphone kit

    I have had taken out of my wife's car the Nokia phone kit that is used with the Nokia 6310i. It was fully working when in situ. It comprises of - Cradle Full wire loom aerial microphone black box into which all is plugged. I appreciate that this is now an old ancient piece of kit but have seen...
  3. MikeL

    Carphone Warehouse - thumbs up

    A surprising title! I remember a post that rolled around to complaints about firmware/software imposed on phone buyers by respective service providers. Just bought a phone at Carphone and the Manager informed me that phones bought with sims, not contract and not exactly PAYG, are as the...
  4. big x

    Anyone signed up to the Carphone warehouse Talk Talk broadband ?

    £10 PM with unlimited landline calls inc. international. adam
  5. philsy2k

    Comand carphone

    I have a Mercedes comand carphone from an s-class new shape, i have just the phone itself and was wondering what else i needed to link it to my comand 2.0, i think SYM was going to do this or already has? is it going to be expensive as i only have the phone?? any part numbers etc would be...
  6. F

    W210 Anthricite Carphone Console with speaker

    Hello Due to selling my W210 i have an OEM anthricite telephone console with speaker for sale. Part number B6 788 0343 Cost new £101.47 Im looking for £45 plus shipping. ( £85 with cark 91 ) The console has some drill holes in the front as well as a hole for a car kit. Its...
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