1. smile

    Anybody fitted a car PC?

    Hi Guys, Has anybody on this forum installed, or ever dabbled with a car PC? I've got most of the gear ready to go in, just missing the screen and a few cables. The only bit that's got me stuck is working out how I can keep the Volume control functionality on my steering wheel. I...
  2. Thmsshaun


    Seems a fair price. Wonder what it will get up to. Need to start re educating myself into the world of PC technology.
  3. G


    Hi all I'm thinking of adding a pc to a comand unit... i've been looking at a couple of interesting web sites anybody already setup, any problems ? thx Gilly
  4. craigyb

    CarPuter installation in a CLK

    Well, I've fainally managed to get a PC installed into my CLK. I changed the stock head unit for a Panasonic and installed a 7" widescreen in dash display. Although these pictures are quite dark, you can see the HU and display, also the Bluetooth kit. Craig
  5. A

    PC Diagnostic tool for carputer installation?

    Hi guys, some help required for a concept that I am working on. I have a 2003 E220 AG and I am working on a design to allow use of my laptop in car, more commonly known as a CARPUTER! I will be installing a 7 inch Touchscreen monitor and will be running Sat Nav, MP3 (via FM modulator), Digital...
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