1. S

    ML W163 97-2005 Rear Spare Wheel Carrier

    Ho folks, just wondered if anyone has one of the swing out rear wheel carriers fitted and would be so kind as to nip out with a tape measure and jot down some dimensions for me, it would be a great help :thumb: Hopefully there will be a picture below with what I need, maybe not, can't use...
  2. N

    Cycle carrier for Mercedes roof bars

    Hello Im looking for a cycle carrier. Roof mounted, probably Thule as these seem to be popular? My question Will they fit Mercedes roof bars? Or perhaps I need to enquire about some adaptors or something? 2013 C-class estate with roof rails. Already have genuine Mercedes Roof bars so...
  3. G

    W219 roof bars and cycle carrier

    Hello folks. Am looking to purchase some roof bars and cycle carrier for my w219 CLS. Have searched the forum and as usual am lead to exactly what I need (another thread had the Thule model numbers etc I need). Before I purchase new, does anyone have a set for sale that they want to shift ? If...
  4. freespirit

    Spare wheel carrier

    Any idea where I can buy one these without paying stupid money ? Thanks
  5. H

    Wanted W163 ML Rear spare wheel carrier

    Wanted complete W163 rear spare wheel carrier
  6. R

    Cycle carrier for W205 Estate

    Hi, I'm new here :) Is there a approved rear cycle carrier for the AMG Line W205 estate? I've looked around and seen a few comments stating you can't fit one on it.rar I'd like to avoid the expense of a tow bar and rack. Thanks in advance Rohan
  7. F

    W124 saloon rear lower control arm / spring carrier

    After a right and left rear lower control arm from a saloon W124. Either located near Bridgwater, Somerset or willing to post. Thanks
  8. E

    Play in Hub Carrier Swivel Joint (S211)

    I have been getting a suspension 'clunk' for a while on the nearside. Jacked it up today and found play at the Hub Carrier swivel joint where it is bolted to the Spring Control Arm (lower wishbone). It looks to me as though the swivel is part of the Hub Carrier and to get a new swivel means a...
  9. S

    Swirl Flap carrier

    I need a swirl flap carrier from a c220 cdi 2002. Its plastic, circular with a tag on the top and bottom. and fits inside the round port of the inlet manifold next to cylinder head. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks
  10. F

    Need W124 Estate Rear Hub/ hub and carrier

    As title I need a passenger rear hub for a W124 estate, or a hub and wheel carrier complete Thanks
  11. R

    Wanted parts for ML 163113 Spare wheel carrier

    Hi Folks,I am trying to find a mount bracket to suit a ML spare wheel bracket as in the attached pic. Condition is not important .send me an email at briskiwi At :bannana:
  12. G

    ML Spare Wheel carrier for sale (excellent cond and price)

    Selling my spare wheel carrier for Mercedes ML 1999-2004 Excellent condition with no dents Complete with silver wheel cover which house the number plate light, brake light etc. Cash on collection. Also included is the spare original alloy wheel and tyre £260
  13. O

    Courrier Wheel carrier transport etc...

    Hi guys, got a great courier if you need some wheels to be shifted around the country. Or other stuff. It might be a little dearer then other but its totally hassle free and you do not need to pack the wheels like others do. All you need is the bare wheels and an address for pick up and...
  14. P

    FOR SALE: (W203 + various) GENUINE Mercedes Rear carrier bushing removal tool

    For sale is a GENUINE Mercedes Benz tool set (part number: W202 589 00 43 00) for removing and replacing the wheel carrier bushing at the rear wheel carrier assembly (where all the links attach). This is in pretty much as new condition as it's only been used once to change the bushes on the...
  15. D

    Wanted Bike carrier for 2008 Vito , double door

    Hi , Anyone got a bike carrier for a 2008 Vito double door ?? Regards Lee
  16. W

    W202 brake caliper carrier

    I hope someone can help. The lower guide pin bolt in my caliper carrier had seized and in trying to undo it it snapped. I therefore need an osf (left hand) brake caliper carrier for a 1995 C180 1799cc saloon. Its the post September model. I would also be interested in a nsf as although I managed...
  17. karlos280

    Wanted thule freeride 532 bike carrier

    As title states thule free-ride 532 bike carrier wanted in good condition Will collect if local if not I can arrange my own courier Thanks
  18. Bobby Dazzler

    Mercedes Alustyle Bicycle Carrier | Bike Rack for roof bars | Spare Part or Repair

    Listed on eBay: No key: Mercedes Alustyle Bicycle Carrier | Bike Cycle Rack for roof bars | eBay No key and some damage: Mercedes Alustyle Bicycle Carrier | Bike Cycle Rack for roof bars | eBay I'm selling two bike racks for SPARE PARTS or REPAIR as they do NOT come with a key, and one has...
  19. M

    FS: ml 164 thule bike carrier

    Hi, Since I have changed my ml from a 164 to the current model and my bike rack doesn't fit the new car I have my bike rack for sale. It is the thule 9104 clip on 3 bike carrier. You can pick these up for around £105 off the net. For details have a look here Thule ClipOn 9104 - Thule...
  20. C

    Bicycle Carrier Advice

    Folks I am thinking of getting a bicycle carrier for my W204 Saloon. There appear to be 3 main options: 1. Tow bar type 2. Roof mounted type 3. Boot mounted type. I don't have a tow bar and I don't want one either. I always thought they looked awful so that option is out even though it...
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