1. A

    Do you carry a spare wheel?

    When I got my car there wasn't a spare in the boot, so I've got myself a spacesaver that fits in the space under the boot. Those things are heavy! I understand many/most new cars no longer come with a spare to help their MPG figures and I can kind of understand that now, I've noticed an...
  2. S

    Carry it on...

    What if Elvis never got caught in a trap? (Carry it on with one of your own) :bannana:
  3. S

    Guides / How To Carry out work

    Hi All. If this is in the 'wrong' section on our forum,I do apologise, and please move it accordingly. To my point. On this forum in the How to Section, there are only 3 pages. and 64 threads. Which doesnt seem a lot. I was just wondering is there a section that I cannot see on this...
  4. Palfrem

    Carry a Donor Card

    Video - ITV Player Just watched this on catch-up. Very moving. The surgeon is the guy who did my by-pass at the QE back in June. What a man. Carrying a Donor Card is a small thing, but means a huge amount to the patients here. You know it makes sense. Thank you.
  5. Spinal

    Carry On... Driving?

    I need to harness the collective brain power of the forum... If you were to enter a banger rally themed "Carry On..." and had to come up with a car/modification/theme with comedy value... what would you do? I'm a little too young to have seen the carry on series, so am at a bit of a loss...
  6. S

    How many passengers do you normally carry

    Most of us here, bar SL and SLK owners have cars capable of carrying 4+ people including the driver in comfort, safety and luxury. How many of us do this. I do 95% of my milliage (15k year) alone, and about 4% of this with 1 other person on board, the 1% I'll have a full compliment of folk...
  7. G-A-R-Y

    What do I need if I want to carry bikes on my roof.

    W210 Estate, what do I need if I want to carry three bikes? on the roof bars.
  8. big x

    How much luggage can a H2 Hummer carry ?

    F*** all ! What dumb ass piece of design.
  9. league67

    Carry (copy of) your insurance with you or ...

    LONG RANT WARNING * Your vehicle might get impounded by police. If your vehicle insurance is not on police national computer police has the right to (and oh do they excercise it) to impound your vehicle. Even if that same computer says that you don't have a road tax, and you quite...
  10. Satch

    Another eBay item that should carry automatic death penalty

    Sometimes you have to ask yourself why, after eons of evolutionary progress, this is the best some forms of life can aspire to. Many years hence, when the remains of our culture are being excavated, what...
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