1. N

    My W124 Estate Carrying a complete 3 piece suite

  2. iaingreer

    Best set up for carrying bikes

    In your opinion, what is the best set up for taking 2 bikes on a trip. I'm faced with two options, either roof bars and carriers or else a boot carrier. What would you pick and why and are there any brands to go for/avoid?
  3. Stig2082

    Any advice? Decision re replacing (or carrying on with) W211 or getting a CLS!

    Hi All, Am new here - hello! - and seeking some advice, as I can't make my mind up! And when I do searches I come across this excellent forum. I have a 2004 E Class estate 320cdi Avantgarde with 7 seats. It has been mostly great for last 6 years and now has just clocked 100,000 miles. It...
  4. flango

    Carrying documents whilst driving.

    Just watching a documantary on Surrey police and a traffic unit stopped a Vauxhall Carlton carrying 4 youths, whilst the officer was cautioning the driver he said " It is an offence not to carry your driving documents with you whilst driving" ? Since when? anybody had this said to them? I never...
  5. B

    Carrying a full size spare tyre and alloy?

    Hi all, any advice would be appreciated.. I recently purchased a 1998 C180 Classic with 18" AMG replica wheels and I purchased a matching spare tyre and alloy to replace the old spare in the boot. Im a bit concerned maybe this is adding to much weight in the boot, anyone else carry a full size...
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