1. D

    Recommended exhaust shops for cheaper cars - ATS, F1 autocentre etc

    Hi All The exhaust on our old budget Yaris seems to have developed a fault as its now very noisy, can anyone recommend any decent places to get it sorted? Locally we have the usual F1 autocentre, Kwik fit, ATS and the halfords autocentre, any good experiences or recommendations out of the...
  2. daveenty

    Cars in the Park Leeds 17 September

    I forgot about this till I just got reminded a few minutes ago. Sports Cars In The Park is now the official title and they have two meets per year, one at Newby Hall up near Ripon back in May, which I missed this year, and the one coming up in September at Lotherton Hall by Leeds. It's not a...
  3. whitenemesis

    Best Luxury Cars 2018

    Which would you choose, as a passenger obviously! It's between the Bentley and the Maybach for me. The Roller is one ugly car, inside and out. Especially the front 'face' :eek: [YOUTUBE HD]gRRR1v_XBsc[/YOUTUBE HD]
  4. MikeInWimbledon

    Look no taxes !! Will electric cars really be tax free?

    Fascinating announcement by the Government regarding electric cars by 2040. The Government currently takes £30 million in fuel taxes from our cars. Will electric car usage really continue to be tax-free? It seems curious generosity.
  5. AngryDog

    I hate selling cars!!!

    Just put my M5 up for sale, it has some faults which I have listed in the advert, but as usual the low ball offers come in. Its up cheap, but I aren't taking £1500 less! Jokers!!!!
  6. R

    HUD availability on new cars

    Good Morning All. Recently joined this great forum My order for my first MB is in, I'm going for the C300 cabriolet, shortly after placing the order the dealer tells me HUD won't be available. I really want this feature on the car so have deferred the build until it can be added After...
  7. Steveml63

    "Interesting" news for European owners of recent Mercedes diesel cars!

    Hi, Looks like Mercedes are going to "do a VW" - to their European diesel cars - to fix the emissions! Software emissions fix for three million Mercedes diesels - BBC News Let's hope it doesn't damage the performance, MPG or reliability of the cars that get updated! Cheers Steve
  8. ckember

    nice driver academy cars

    got a chance to visit the nurburgring last week, nice collection of cars at the amg academy, from a43 to the bar must have been close to a €1m in the car park Sent from my SM-T585 using Tapatalk
  9. merc85

    Sterling cars Auction e55k low miles

    Its back again 04 MERCEDES E55 AMG KOMP 5.4 V8 469 BHP, MEGA SPEC, FULL SAT NAV, BI-XENONS ETC | eBay
  10. merc85

    w221 David Wren Cars?

    Well a friend of mine is looking for a S class, Either a Later non effected m272 v6 petrol or a 3.0 derv. He went to see this today MERCEDES S CLASS S350, Black, Auto, Petrol, 2006 | eBay He drove it not knowing whether it was in the effected engine range and really liked it, According...
  11. C

    MB Technical Data Manual Passenger Cars 2006/2007

    MB Technical Data Manual Passenger Cars 2006/2007 This is a dealer-only manual and covers tech specs (1110 pages) for the following models: 164, 169, 171, 203, 209, 211, 216, 219, 221, 230, 245, 251 I have 2 of these manuals available - £25 posted each.
  12. Scooby_Doo

    Autonomous Cars

    I can't see the point of an autonomous car , unless someone can convince me otherwise , and why so much money is being spent on developing them. Would you buy one if one was available ?
  13. K

    Soundproofing diesel cars - anyone done it?

    Has anyone successfully cut down the noise of a diesel car with soundproofing? I have a W211 E Class estate and the noise from the diesel engine is louder than I would like. Sounds like I'm driving a Taxi. There is standard soundproofing under the bonnet but it's still pretty loud in the...
  14. merc85

    Bury Cars on the Green

    What a Cracking meet as usual, It was great to See Sarah and Familiar faces again, I've a terrible memory for Names so sorry. It was Awesome finally meeting Alps, such cool knowledgeable chap Along with GLK and The Chap with the CLS "sorry" lol I did struggle with the Kids / weather and gave...
  15. Alexf

    Worst Cars Of All Time

    Worst Cars Of All Time Thread Inspired by CLSMark disgust at the Range Rover Evoque I introduce the Worst Cars Of All Time thread! Post pictures of cars you truly despise, be it their ability, appearance or modifications. Vent that rage :devil:
  16. Darrell

    Classic cars

    I've always been a big classic car fan but I would love to turn this into some kind of old skool hot rod. It's always parked up near the Chiltern Firehouse.
  17. J

    Sales of new cars plummet as vehicle tax increase comes into force
  18. ftb

    Why do people change cars so often?

    As the title really. I tend to get at least a few years worth before I think of changing. Others don't even last a year. Given the whole business of selling/buying, what's the point of changing cars soon? Other than circumstances etc. What's your view on this? Just seen an ad by a member on...
  19. gaz_l

    Cars you've owned that are still on the road

    Greetings, Citizens. I love the MOT history checker & use it all the time. It's got to be one of the most useful things for checking out "potential purchases", how did we live without it? But it has other uses as well, such as amusement. For some reason today I was reminded of a car I used to...
  20. gr1nch

    Mercedes Me : new services on some existing cars from 1st June

    Just got this email today. Will be interesting to see if the services catch up with the latest E class, is from the new 2018 S Class or something else. Sent from my XT1032 using Tapatalk
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