1. Jukie

    Genuine HP ink cartridges

    I have 2 x black 350XL and 3 x tri-colour 351XL cartridges available. All new and sealed. Would prefer to send as one job lot. P&P only.
  2. Harrythedog

    HP ink cartridges

    Just when I stocked up with some new ink cartridges my printer packed in, new printer bought thus cartridges are surplus to requirements. All cartridges are remanufactured (not original HP) and are new and unopened. 4 x HP compatible No.388 Black 1 x HP compatible No. 344 colour £20...
  3. Spinal

    Empty Toner Cartridges

    I have a few empty toner cartridges... but as they are big (i.e. not inkjet) I can't find a company that will take them free post. Any ideas of a company that will collect or give me a freepost address for 2-3 toner cartridges to send them to? Idea being, a charity can get a few pennies...
  4. Stan the Man

    Inkjet Cartridges.

    I have 6 full sets (24 inks) of Epson compatible inkjet cartridges. These are compatible with Epson Stylus Multipack T0715 (T0711/12/13/14) as used in many Epson Stylus D, BX, CX, DX and SX Series Printers. I am asking £15 for the lot delivered UK mainland.
  5. Gucci

    Printer cartridges - where's best online?

    Dull question, but any recommendations for suppliers of Canon inkjet MP640 cartridges? Ta muchness :thumb:
  6. pammy

    Epson compatible ink cartridges

    As the title suggests I'm after Epson compatible cartidges. It's an R300 and I've been using compatible cartridges of late but have to say they have a tendency to leak and have been less than impressive. We're thinking of going back to Epson originals which cost an arm and a leg so just...
  7. C240Sport97

    HP Ink Cartridges

    I have about 6 black ink cartridges (no 56) made by HP for HP printers, still in the plastic seal (I no longer have the boxes). They have an expiry date of June 06. I bought these in the US thinking I would need this many, but I don't!! They are about £15 to £20 in the UK. You can have one...
  8. Howard

    Canon Ink Cartridges....

    Hi everyone. Due to misordering the cartridges , i have three (Cyan, Magenta and Yellow) cartridges for sale... They are Canon BCI-3eY (Yellow) , BCI-3eC (Cyan) , and BCI 2eM (Magenta). They sell for £13.51 each from £25 the lot .... PM me please if interested .....
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