1. G

    cash or finance? how did you finance yours?

    So i recently picked up my c63 amg with performance pack plus - i felt proud paying it cash no finance required! wanted to know what did you get and how did you fund yours?
  2. John Jones Jr

    M1 Cash cameras.

    Bedfordshire Police: Speed cameras and sponsorship 'may fund police' - BBC News
  3. S

    Crash for cash N West

    I recently was involved in a road rage incident. A driver in a small van overtook me pulled in and anchored on, he did it 3 times in which i managed to avoid collision twice, as i was driving extremely carefully after the first attempt. However on the third time he tried it:mad: i completely...
  4. U

    Vito Wanted 638 or 639. Cash waiting up to £2500

    I'm based in Kent but will travel 100 miles or so. Thanks:thumb:
  5. mbenz1977

    Wanted ! Clk and c class saloon asap cash waiying

    WANTED!!! Anyone selling any Mercedes 2004 onwards clk or c class saloons. cash waiting £500-£1500. 07944594949
  6. John Jones Jr

    I've always liked getting paid in cash but...

    A little tale worth flagging up. One of the lads that does some subby work for me sold his rather nice car on Sunday, for top dollar, every easy sale with only three viewings all within 24hrs. He gave the buyer an option of paying in cash or bankers draft (as it was fair bit of money)...
  7. cinek

    Got some spare cash

    Thinking about buying small, holiday flat somehere warm and this caught my eye Take a look inside the £240M Monaco penthouse - Travel - Stylist Magazine
  8. Silver CL55

    £6k cash or £6000 valuables certified CHUBB safe for sale

    PICK UP ONLY. PICK UP ONLY It is a CHUBB Secure Line Castelle SSC-3E, see link below. It will be available in about 2 week’s time when I actually replace it; I’ll expect a small deposit to secure it. I have had it for 2 years and it is...
  9. W

    Wanted: CLS500 or W211/S211 E500 Cash Waiting

    Hello.... I'm in the market for a CLS500 or even a E500 (either saloon or estate). Preferably the later 5.5 388ps. Ideally the car would have Command, Xenons and Heated Seats at least. As said - cash waiting for the right car, I am in Central Scotland but I'm not afraid to travel...
  10. Palfrem

    Cash ISA rates

    Is it worth bothering with these anymore? Just been checking the rates and they are utterly hopeless.
  11. gunning

    Need a new car by tomorrow. Cash waiting!

    I dont know if anyone can help, I sold my car and need one by tomorrow. If anybody knows of a decent 3.0l diesel in any form other than 4x4 and is between the £3500 & £6500 mark, please let me know!
  12. M

    Flash for cash

    BBC News - Warning over 'flash-for-cash' car accident insurance scam
  13. stwat

    Cash for crash

    Why the ---- can't the insurance companies work out all the blatantly obvious scams and simply refuse to pay up? FFS millions paid out for an accident blackspot that was simply a quiet country lane!! Did nobody look into all the claims and think, 'hmm, something isn't quite right here'. The...
  14. L

    WTB 500e/e500 rear quarters. Cash reward $$$

    Hello members, I am after a good set of Rear quarters from a e500/500e w124. If Someone can help locate a pair there Is a cash incentive for who can come up with The goods. It will be in the few hundred dollar Range So I would like to thank you all And good luck.
  15. Dieselman

    Cash for car allowance

    Out of the members on here who opt for a car allowance instead of a company car, what annual mileage do you do and recover under an expenses scheme? If it's not too rude to ask, can you say what type of job role you perform, for example Sales, Marketing, Admin, Technician, Engineer, Director, etc?
  16. developer

    SLS ordered - paying cash

    I've told my dealer to have it ready on 22nd December this year........ 8tKBamwBYVo
  17. 300CE

    Oh to have wads of cash....! Singapore of course - check the video link at the bottom: Singapore¿s supercar owners can now keep a close eye on their expensive rides ¿ by parking in their living rooms | Mail Online
  18. D

    Prudent checks before parting with cash.

    After warning her about Renault electrics and anything else I could think about, SWMBO seems deternined to buy a Megane tin top thingy.:doh: Although the seller is not exactly a back street garage, but because we haven`t bought a car for a few years, I need some up to date tips to avoid some...
  19. w124nut

    Cash in the Attic?

    I've seen the tv programme Cash in the Attic but this is incredible: Germany is better off to the tune of €55.5bn after a government-backed “bad bank” set up to deal with the problem assets of Hypo Real Estate, a nationalised mortgage lender, admitted a mistake in its accounting...
  20. borz

    Do I sell for cash or PX?

    Hello fellow MB members As you know I have a C Class Classic 180k W203 estate auto 57 with 7500 miles on the clock, I’m thinking of buying a new shape C class 180 saloon 09. I have had an offer for £10500 cash from (we buy any my car, I have not contacted my local mb dealer yet to...
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