1. M.A.94

    Engine casing bolt rounded

    One of the torx bolts is completely rounded on my engine cover/case. Whats the easiest way to get the at least the head of the bolt of so the case can be removed? I've tried getting mole grips around it but the bolt is indented making it impossible for the mole grips to grip the bolt. Thanks
  2. BigChap

    Oil residue on c63 rear diff casing

    Noticed some oil residue on one side of the rear diff casing, it wasn't think and wet but was still pretty fresh. It looked to be completely my from higher the the shaft seals, my mot mate reckoned it could be from a breather higher up on the casing and out of sight. Anyone had this can confirm...
  3. butler23

    removing timing chain casing...

    Hey guys, still at abit of a stuggle trying to get this old cover off....! Think all ive got left to do now is take out the sump bolts and also im stuck with 2 bolts at the top underneath the 2 cam sprockets. Ive taken 1 off to move it so i can get to the bolt but not theres a guide rail in the...
  4. butler23

    w202 c230k timing chain casing hole!

    Hey guys, so long story kind of short the water pump bearing failed and resulted in cutting into the timing chain casing. Now it was repaired temporarily with quiksteel but only lasted a few months. So i decided to take the pump off and try doing it again, only this time the whole piece of...
  5. C

    w116 diff or series 1 W126 500 diff casing

    Hello all, I am looking for any of the following for a project. :bannana: : W116 450 SEL Differential complete Or W126 500 complete or casing from a SERIES 1 500. Hope you can help. I can collect or arrange courier. Ta Udhi
  6. I

    Change Key Fob Casing

    Hello, Hopefully someone can help here. My car key (C270 CDI 2003) has gotten very grubby so I have ordered a new Key Fob casing from eBay. I was wondering if anyone had instruction or links to a video to help me take the current one apart and remove the inners. Any help much appreciated
  7. S

    How do I remove the w204 mirror casing

    Hi, I need to swap my mirror casing on my w204. Anyone know how to do this ? Tried myself but casing doesn;t want to come off easily :P i suspect screws holding casing somewhere Any help much appreciated. Thanks Skynet
  8. M

    mercedes remote alarm keyfobb falling apart, need replacement housing casing etc...

    mercedes remote alarm keyfobb falling apart, need replacement housing casing etc... the buttons have cracked on my casing, However it still works flawlessyly, Is there a Fix? Any ideas? Thanks in advance...
  9. R

    Wanted W124 Driver door Mirror & Casing

    I had a coming together with a Ford Ka. Spectaular damage to the Ford , dented and scuffed wheel arch and a broken Driver door mirror and casing. Has anyone got the whole lot for sale as The mirror is broken and so are most of the wobbly bits (technical term ) inside the casing. Please...
  10. franey

    Wanted W124 Heater Motor Casing

    As per title: Wanted New or Used One late W124 heater blower motor casing. OE Reference A1248307060 With or without motor. Please text or call 07834 270 840 and will call you back!! Thanx
  11. ringway

    Foam casing for W210 control unit.

    Hi Guy's. I need a new foam encasement for the control unit shown below. The part number is MB W210 800 00 35 PUR 00W. Any help greatly appreciated. Paul.
  12. funga007

    W202 gearbox Casing!

    I need a gearbox casing, i have a crack/hole i believe, have not checked yet. will do shortly. car outside work with a large puddle of atf fluid, doubt ill be able to drive the mile home!
  13. smoothcoupe

    w203 wing mirror casing

    can anyone tell me how to remove the n/s wing mirror cover and indicator lens within the casing... many thanxs.
  14. marc777

    Air bag casing cracked - safe?

    I have a W211 E class and I recently noticed that the housing for the steering wheel air bag is cracked, next to where the horn gets depressed. The hairline crack is about 3/4 inch and follows the contour of the plastic cover. The break goes all the way through as you can push the plastic on...
  15. GrahamC230K

    How do I remove the w202 mirror casing?

    My drivers side mirror glass is on, but not really 100% I dont think. A sharp slap of the back of the mirror and the glass falls out. How do I remove the mirror casing so I can clip the glass in properly? Cheers.
  16. Bugblatter

    Scuffed mirror casing

    Everything in UK car parks is designed to cater for vehicles smaller than a Daewoo Matiz. Anyway, I've scuffed the nearside mirror casing, taking a very small area of paint off. If I was a normal human being, I'd just accept it, as my 2002 C180 (would that be a W203?) is Tektite Grey, the...
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