1. A160DSB


    I went to the casino for the first time last night. Loved it! Only lost £20. But on the blackjack table I was on most of the night, there was a woman who brought £40 to the table about 1am. She bet on perfect pairs and obviously playing the hand. in her first 5 hands, she got 4...
  2. Bobby Dazzler

    James Bond Casino Royale - £5.99 plus VAT at Costco

    Not much to add other than that's around half the price are advertising it for £14.49 - and it was only released yesterday.
  3. nickg

    New casino to be built right next to Man City's stadium

    Brilliant!! I love the atmosphere and the feeling of excitement before going in, but then I leave disappointed and miserable every time, after being drained of a large amount of cash......................................... . . . . . . . buts thats enough about going to watch Man City...
  4. Satch

    The Gordon Brown Mega Casino

    My son was doing his PSE coursework last night about the evils of drink, drugs and gambling. He asked me why the Government is just sooooooo keen to let us all be responsible grown ups and have 40+ mega casinos to play in when elsewhere this is held to be A Bad Thing. So I told him. The...
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