1. S

    W202 c clasa oem cassette radio with changer controls.

    Genuine w202 c class cassette radio from a 1997 C250td elegance. All working order and complete with 2 radio key cards and owners manual. Open to offers. Collection from Portsmouth or can be posted at cost to buyer.
  2. R129Melvin

    SL R129 Facelift Grille, Audio 10 Cassette Player, Centre Caps

    Unwanted parts from my 2000 R129. Original facelift grille - 4 slats as opposed to earlier 5. Unmarked but could do with a good clean - £180 Audio 10 Cassette Player with Original Handbook - Was working fine when removed but volume button is a bit knarly as they all seem to be Not sure if this...
  3. D

    W220 Audio 10 Cassette replace with Alpine Double DIN q

    Hello All I am now the proud owner of a 10,000 mile 1999 W220 S320 :) It is in as new condition and the only thing I want to change is the head unit - currently it has an Audio 10 cassette head unit, I want to fit an Alpine W925R double din head unit. Questions: * Does the rear of the Audio 10...
  4. Reggie-rock

    Anyone got a cassette player ?

    Almost forgotten cassettes ever existed but it seems many car manufactures continued to fit the units many years after they were just about obsolete. The last car I owned which had one of these cassette devices was a 2004 Jag X Type. I was wondering if any later cars have these fitted, and...
  5. T

    for sale: Becker audio10 cassette deck from 2002 mercedes eclass

    perfect condition fully working becker audio10 be-3100 cassette deck, just removed from mercedes e320, professional removal. £99 open to offers p.m. me
  6. E

    becker radio cassette

    Mercedes OE radio cassette circa 94-98 with cd multi-player ability, currently have a sony unit, but I'd like to return the car to original spec, the car in question, 1996 124 coupe.
  7. S

    Upgrade for audio 10 cassette player

    Hello everyone, I have recently bought a 2004 clk pre facelift and am due to pick it up the Saturday. This is my first Mercedes and can't wait. This car has all the options but to my amazement still has the old audio 10 cassette player with the cd changer in the glove box. This spoils the...
  8. Mike Walker

    Becker Europa Cassette Electronic 731

    As part of the overall refurb of my 190 I obtained the above . Unfortunately it does not work properly although the display lights up. Just wondering if anyone knows of a repairer of such things anywhere? Failing that I have the instruction manual available if someone needs one.:dk:
  9. Meldrew2

    Audio 10 (cassette)

    For Sale - my MB Audio 10. Removed from my W163 to fit a unit with blueteeth, it's the one with an auto-reverse cassette deck (remember those) so it can control a 6 CD autochanger. Hardly used - only Radio 2 and Smooth FM - never raced, rallied or Radio 1 ! Sensible offers, please. Oh -...
  10. W

    Audio 10 Cassette doesn't work

    Hi guys, The car is a W203 2004 automatic 220cdi. It has the Audio 10 with cassette (not the CD one). Since the battery was disconnected for quite sometime now whenever i try to start the Radio it will only work for 10-15 seconds and then the screen writes PROD and it just goes on...
  11. D

    Radio cassette or cd player for r129 sl320

    The flap covering the opening for the cassette has broken on my head unit and lets the interior down Does any one have a very good condition standard Mercedes / blaupunkt head unit for sale please Thanks
  12. h19sns

    6 CD changer (blaupunkt) cassette

    For sale cassette for mercedes blaupunkt cd boot changer. £20 PM if interested.
  13. S

    Audio 10 radio cassette replacement

    Hi, I'm new to all this so please excuse me if I post in the wrong place. I have a 2001 C180 Sport Evolution fitted with an Audio 10 radio/cassette player. I also ave a 6CD changer in the glove box which doesn't work. If I insert a CD and press play the display shows 'No CD'. I've tried various...
  14. W

    Interference on cassette adapter for MP3

    I have an audio 10 unit with a cassete player. For some time, i've been using a cassette adapter to play music from an MP3 player. Since last year, i've progressed to playing music from my smart phone instead of an MP3 player. I have noticed that when the wire of the cassette adapter gets...
  15. billywhiz

    Audio 10 Cassette to Audio 10 Cd ?

    Hi guys, Just a quick one. I have an Audio 10 cassette headunit with the cd changer in the boot and it has the OEM Bose upgrade system. Can I swap this with an Audio 10 Cd player and retain functions etc ? ta *Edit* - car is non command etc
  16. M

    W203 cd changer cassette

    Hi cd changer cassette would not eject one Of the trays was stuck light was flashing on eject button unit was saying no magazine But there was but it wouldnt come out. My own fault it got stuck I used burned Discs which are abit thicker and read should not be used. Well any way I used the...
  17. Damogsta

    W210 Avantgarde CD cassette

    Hi all, just wondering if there's any way to get the 6 CD cassette out of the changer without re-fitting my original head unit? Being a numb-nuts I fitted the new head unit without removing the CD's and now 'she who must be obeyed' wants her CD's back. . . . . :confused:
  18. B

    w220 remove fascia trim on audio 10 cassette

    Hi I wonder if anyone can tell me how you got the audio 10 cassette unit out of a W220? The walnut fascia goes round the audio 10, the hinged flap and the heater controls. I have taken the bottom screws out but can't release the fascia further. Many thanks
  19. K

    Sunroof Cassette and Tube refit. Advise needed.

    Hi, I've got the interior stripped out on my W124 Estate, I've removed a bent tube and cable from the car and the cassette seems in good condition. I know the sunroof cassette unit will need to be removed to fit the new tube, and I'll remove the sunroof panel in case any paint get damaged...
  20. 300CE

    Mercedes Benz W124 Cassette Box Centre Console

    If your going for the original look and yours is missing (in black):) Mercedes Benz W124 Cassette Box Centre Console on eBay (end time 14-Jan-11 18:21:09 GMT)
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