1. Halcyon Days

    CLK on casualty just now

    it was an 06 plate.. but wasn't a face-lift model.. (oval fog lights) #weakest continuity mistake ever!! ;-)
  2. R


    BBC sink a W210 estate. Looked ok to me...: BBC - Casualty - Homepage
  3. corned

    Researching a WWII family casualty

    While this is a quite personal story, I am posting here in case it is a. of interest to anyone, and b. if it helps/inspires anyone else to do the same for a member of their own family. It is going to be quite a long post, so please bear with me. My great uncle (my maternal grandmother's...
  4. whitenemesis

    Casualty incidental music

    What was the music used during Ruth's admission to the "Re-sus" room at the end of the programe? BBc were unable to help :(
  5. janner

    Any fans of BBC's Casualty?

    Guess who was filming at our place yesterday? Without giving away the plot....the Peugeot was launched into the harbour using some sort of hydraulic ram. You can just see it sticking out of the back. You wouldn't believe the BANG and how far the car went. It was actually further than...
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