1. I

    W140 V8 400/420/500 front exhaust section / catalytic convertor

    Hi All, As per the title I am in need of a new front section/cat. I have an old one with melted internals to swap to cover scrap value if interested or just a normal sale Also if people are aware of what they are worth scrap wise and where close to London(Uxbridge) I could sell it that might...
  2. B

    price of catalytic converter for a w210? Any good third party ones?

    price of catalytic converter for a w210 from merc? Any good aftermarket ones? I've seen this fairly good w210 e220 cdi online with 216,000km on the odo, about 4000 gbp (from Indian rupees) and i'm guessing this has been changed, and the guy says that the vehicle's never been tampered and i'm...
  3. gramey

    R129 SL320 replacement catalytic converters?

    I'm told the rattling sound coming from underneath my 2000 R129 SL320 is the catalytic converters breaking up. Other than the OEM ones which are very expensive has anyone had after market cats fitted and if so would you recommend them or not? :confused: Any advice greatly appreciated.
  4. gramey

    SL320 V6 catalytic converters

    Does anyone have any recommendations regarding replacement of the cats on my R129 2000 SL320. I appreciate genuine parts are probably best but the price is a little steep. I didn't know if anyone has fitted aftermarket ones which were still a good fit? :)
  5. B

    W220 S320 Rattling Catalytic Converter ??

    2002 S320 under floor central Cat has started rattling are there any aftermarket options I could use to replace the Original cats going to replace both central ones at the same time pipe diameter at each side of the Cat is 55mm, noticed looking at them that the in pipes are not perfectly in...
  6. 4

    w211 E270 cdi catalytic

    My e270 goes in limp mode.It damaged the turbo .replaced with used one .I thinked it was the turbo actuator but it wasn't.We scanned with star all is fine exept this message "2348 -Load pressure ". The mechanic thinks that it is catalytic converter is blocked.How to clean it without removing...
  7. John Jones Jr

    Catalytic converter cleaners, any good/worthwhile?

    Guys, As per the title. Any views/comments/experience welcome. Now, I'm well aware cleaners won't restore a failed catalytic converter but can they clean deposits from a functioning converter and maybe help restore its efficiency? Cheers in advance.
  8. Maurauth

    Catalytic Convertor / DPF

    I've been informed that DPF removal, and catalytic converter removal is a big no-no as it may fail an MOT, stopped by DVSA etc, but I can't seem to find any info / diagram of the C250 CDI exhaust system. I've been informed by Acid and Imran at MSL that the best option for my car is a Y pipe...
  9. E

    E55 catalytic converter removal

    When I was buying the car (1998 E55 AMG), somebody advised me that if a cat or cats break up, removal of the remains of the matrices will restore normal running. Would this improve fuel economy, would it upset the mixture and risk harm to the engine, and what about at MoT time - would it (like...
  10. D

    CLK320 W209 Catalytic Converter

    HI All, Looking for a o/s Catalytic Converter & Lambda Sensor for my '2003 W209 CLK320 Cab, anyone know where I can get a good price on one? Thanks
  11. P

    BM Catalytic conventer

    Hello everyone. First of all excuse me for my bad english language. Like all of you i am mercedes fan too. So i have C208 CLK 200 (100kw). The problem is that now there are no catalytic, and exhaust sound under engine now is terrible, that sound is very echoing, esspecialy when engine is cold...
  12. E

    Engine Swap

    Hi there Does anybody know if a m111.960 and auto box from a C220 or E220 will drop straight into my E220 coupe which has the same setup. Also are the catalytic converters the same on all 220 cars of this era or are they individual to each model......some tramp has stolen the cat off my...
  13. T

    W124 230te catalytic converter

    Hi everybody, Can anyone recommend a good quality aftermarket catalytic converter for my 1992 230te as the old one has broken up and is rattling around? Thanks.
  14. X

    Wanted Catalytic Converter for C320 CDI (2008 Model) W204

    Cat just packed up, anyone know of a C320 being dismantled?
  15. PeterE320Cdi

    Mercedes E class estate W210 catalytic converter

    I am selling the catalytic converter which was removed when I had a stainless steel exhaust fitted. Have listed it on ebay: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  16. R

    Ceramic catalytic converter or Metal catalytic converter

    Hey, I've just been looking at the price of catalytic converters for my 190E 2.0. Cats Direct offer these two choices for my car: Ceramic catalytic converter £89.14 + vat Metal catalytic converter £242.39 + vat Do they do the same job? If they do, why would anyone go for metal...
  17. R

    W210 E300TD Rattling Catalytic

    E300TD 1999, 120K miles. I have a rattle that seems to be coming from the catalytic converter. It is only there at idle and goes away as soon as the throttle is opened. Is this common? I am more than happy to change it as I see on it is only £94 +Vat which was a surprise. Any...
  18. Q

    W124 -catalytic convertor on a '92

    Can anyone tell me if a UK spec 1992 W124 200TE has a catalytic convertor as standard? I know my '94 E220 has one but not sure of the earlier models :(
  19. Ratz

    Catalytic converters stolen

    The latest trend in Cheshire is to steal catalytic converters from cars whilst parked in quiet areas or public carparks. One of my colleagues had theirs stolen during working hours while parked in the company carpark. Evidently they just 'cut' out the relevant section and are gone! Not sure...
  20. M

    Catalytic Converter suppliers

    Looks like I need to replace the rear Cat on my 320clk, can anyone recommend a good quality source. I've looked a t Eurocatparts, Catman & Autobits but to be honest I can't tell what i'm getting, how well it fits & if the warrantys any good so any recommendations would be appreciated. Also...
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