1. M

    De cat'd last week. Now no over run

    Hey all, secondary de cat last week was loving the over run. But today I've got no over run? Anyone Got any ideas?
  2. A

    Strange Cat-D write-off question.

    A couple of months ago, just before my MOT, a van reversed into me at a junction. It was fairly low speed and all that happened to my CLK 230 was a few scuffs on the top of the bumper, chips in the small bumper surround and a few tiny chips in the topcoat on the very edge bonnet. I was impressed...
  3. aka$h

    E63 AMG Cat-D (twice) and Stolen recovered.

    Mercedes E63 AMG | eBay I couldnt believe it when I read the bottom of this ad. How unlucky can you be? Or the owner has shares in an accident management company?
  4. d w124

    CatD CLK63 cab

    Stolen & recovered after having a spray job MERCEDES CLK63 AMG AUTO CONVERTIBLE 2006 STOLEN & RECOVERED CAT D 33750 MILES | eBay Shame really considering the rarity
  5. tpwuk

    Cat-d c63

    Mercedes : Mercedes-Benz C Class C63 4dr Auto Amg Saloon 2008
  6. big x

    Cat-d Damage

    Can someone clue me in on what sort of damage ratings insurance companies use, for example if a repaired car is offered on Ebay as catagory-d damage ? thanx adam
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