1. JBD


    Really interested in buying one. Anyone have any experience of either owning or driving one? My colleague recently bought an Elise because he had always said he wanted to own one, I'm the same with Caterham
  2. Peter DLM

    Caterham trackday terror. Winter Project

    So, I've been considering building a Caterham to monster around on trackdays. This written-off 2003 Roadsport SV (the fat ******* version) was cheap at £4k. It needs a new chassis and it'll be rebuilt from scratch with all the right bits. It should end up with a 330hp 2.0 Supercharged...
  3. Lxb3

    IMAT (Ian Mathews), Caterham, Surrey

    Hi all, I've used Ian in the past - ex-main dealer (Rose and Young), extremely knowledgable and very helpful, and very reasonable rates. I've got my SL booked in with him for next Monday... let's see what he finds!!! :crazy:
  4. Mike Walker

    Caterham 7 CDX

    My son and I did the 1/2 day slalom event at Silverstone yesterday - car park not track by the way - very enjoyable if a little bit pricey at £115 each. Does give you the chance to fling something light and quick all over the place if you want to though. Just have to be careful on the way home...
  5. S

    Caterham 7 Roadsport

    I know Caterham 7's are a bit different from a B or an S-Class but a petrolhead is a petrolhead so here goes... I have a good friend who has to reluctantly let his 1997(R) Roadsport go. he has had it for 7 months since purchasing it direct from Caterham. Details as follows: Roadsport...
  6. BenzComander

    Single Seat Caterham Seven??

    Just seen a 2/3 the size, Caterham Seven look alike. It had only one central single seat and went like a rocket ship! Anybody know what it was??
  7. scotth_uk

    Anyone fancy a 5.7 litre V8 Caterham 7 style car? :-) Aussie know how. :bannana: Quarter mile in 11 seconds! WOW!
  8. GrahamC230K

    For Sale: Caterham Seven 1700 Supersprint

    This is not my car, but my brothers. Ideal addition to contrast any Mercedes household! :D Registered 1989 Caterham Red Five Speed De-Dion axle Twin 40 Webers/K&N Runs leaded or U/L with Additive Black Leather Seats/Black Carpet...
  9. OGiii


    I've been thinking of buying a 'classic' for a while now. Basically I am very happy with the Merc, it's a great day to day family car, looks impressive for business and handles/drives better than I could have hoped for....... but...... I feel the need for something that I can have a bit of fun...
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