1. S

    2010 c63 saloon / estate secondary cats and resonator

    Folks Standard items. Cats - £100 Resonator - £100 Both for £185 for mbclub folk. Pickup only, based in kingston R
  2. ray d

    MAIN CATS REMOVAL advice re sensors

    Hi all I am sure this has been talked about before but I cant find anything but I am thinking of removing the main cats on slk 55 R172 but am not sure what will the sensors pick up and are they going to show up faults. Has anyone done this and had they any problems. Thanks Ray
  3. S

    C63 AMG standard exhaust, cats, resonator and straight pipe

    Folks I have some c63 exhaust parts for sale. 1) C63 rear boxes + straight pipes (resonator delete) - one piece 2) Secondary cats - standard - 55k miles 3) Resonator - standard - 55k miles I would like to sell the whole lot to ease my garage space. What it looked like on the car - bear in...
  4. S

    C63 AMG W204 Sports Cats + Carbon Fibre Intake

    As title... Looking for best place to buy, used, or new if the price is right. Cheers Slarty Bartfast
  5. T

    200 cell primary cats

    Got the itch to mod the car, so far i have got the basics, secondary decat and res delete and eurocharged v5 map. I was reading that the primary cats are 750cell!! and am looking to swap them out for 200cell. I saw palmball's mod of gutting out the 750cell and welding in the 200cell in...
  6. Justin1600

    C43 AMG Centre silencer and secondary Cats

    Removed friends m a 1998 C43 AMG £150
  7. S

    C63 front pipes and cats.

    C63 exhaust front section, taken from a 2010 saloon with around 19000 miles on it when removed, it is in very good condition. I bought a spare exhaust so that I could de cat it, the car has now been sold. This exhaust is completely standard, it can be collected from Pontefract in West Yorkshire...
  8. WG M-B

    Ml 55 cats for sale

    I have x2 brand new genuine ML55 AMG cats for sale . Both sides The current retail from dealer on these as a pair is £2700. Looking for sensible offers 0208 863 9233 Or by pm Terry
  9. I

    W210 E55 secondary cats and resonator Box.

    W210 e55 secondary cats and resonator box .Taken off when I had x pipe for my E55 .£150
  10. MOR8A

    W211 E55K Exhausts from secondary cats back

    In addition to the pair of back boxes I have I also have a pair of exhausts from secondary cats back. Let me know if you are interested.
  11. S

    4 cats

    what problems will i get apart from mot if i take yje 4 cats off my cl500 2001
  12. S

    C63 secondary cats gutted.

    Hi all, I have had the secondary cats gutted by a fabricating company local to me in West Yorkshire. I don't know if it will work or not but I have saved the photos in photo bucket and attached the link below. It was a sod to get all of the stuff out of the cats and it took a couple of hours to...
  13. Mat B

    Advice on a way to keep cats out of garden

    Hi all As the title suggest I'm looking to see if it is at all possible to find something to keep cats away from my garden. a few weeks ago I bought a very small breed dog and the neighbours Tom cats are constantly eyeing him up. They even watch me to see when I'm not close and try to...
  14. shaze30

    C43 secondary cats and resonator

    I have the centre section of the exhaust system for the w202 c43 amg I will upload pics tomorrow when i get to my workshop Price-£150
  15. K

    S211 E55 Getting 2nd cats, resonator removed and x pipe fitted, how loud will it be.

    Getting torqueflow to remove 2nd cats and resonator and fit an xpipe in a few weeks. But does anyone know how loud it will be inside the car at motorway 80mph speeds? I have a kid and was a bit concerned. Does the estate mean it will be louder than a saloon with this mod? Regards.
  16. D

    Cats back

    I have had my secondary cats put back on my car, thanks to Imran and Acid from MSL/Torqueflow. I have to say as its been about a year, I did not realise how refined the standard system is compared to a secondary cat delete - the car used to sound immense and now its just 'ok'. Not only has it...
  17. Gledsyc63

    Gutted ! Well the cats anyway & hr springs

    Thought it was a about time I got some extra sound from the car. I'd had a secondary cat delete straight pipe previously on the car but sold this to raise some funds to purchase a diff as was struggling to get grip after I'd had a euro charged remap. So thought I would do a little thread on...
  18. Optimus prime

    Primary cats replaced with sports cats Mot issue ?

    Guys, If you already have your secondary cats deleted will replacing the primaries with sports cats cause an mot issue or eml? Thanks
  19. C

    Fitting Race / Aftermarket Primary Cats CLS55 E55

    Hi I'm in need of a new primary cat for a CLS55 and finding one impossible to find without spending alot on a new section of exhaust and three cats. I've noticed a few people running race cats and wonder how you get on with emissions test, longevity and noise etc? May be a way forward if no...
  20. C

    E55 or CLS55 Downpipes & Cats URGENTLY needed

    Hi All. Looking for a down pipe and cats for a CLS55. I only really need the nearside one which consists of 3 cats but will take both down pipes & 4 cats if available. Im not fussed if slight modifications etc are needed to fit, my part number is A2114902519. They are the same for E55K...
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