1. ringway

    UFO Caught on Camera in Ireland.

    Police follow UFO hovering above streets in Ireland. 8dwvWPmxzpA
  2. A

    Caught front bumper on kerb

    Hi all, whilst driving into a parking space today i went a bit too far foward and caught the bottom of the bumpet on the kerb, when i reversed off there was a rather unpleasant scraping sound. When i got out to have a look all wasnt well. On the drivers side there is a gap of about 1/2 inch...
  3. The _Don

    Camerons caught surfing in diluted sewage
  4. uumode

    Car keying of Aston caught on dashcam

    Reported by DM, unprovoked it seems. Car keyed by passer by
  5. C

    Shady Dude Asking for a lift - caught on camera

    I was driving a couple weeks back when some dude flagged me down asking me to get him out the area for some money. Not sure what he been up to, but the guy that was following him was on the phone to the police. 10 minutes later I was driving down the same road with police every where.I...
  6. developer

    AMG Owner Caught Speeding - It Was Inevitable Really :(

    I guess it had to happen... 36mph in a 30mph in the wife's 1.6 Focus, through a sleepy A road village. Such a rock and roll lifestyle I lead :D.
  7. HB

    Glycol has finally caught up with gearbox

    Guys, the dreaded glycol has eventually caught up with my gearbox despite having all the plumbing changed 40k ago (It's lasted really well) So, I need a used 722.6 five speed auto. It's a W211 Il6 320cdi. Any thoughts please ?
  8. C

    Caught out by the auto today.

    This is the first performance auto I've had and up until now its been an OK experience, but today it caught me out for the first time. Pulled up behind an Astra at a set of lights, both in the right hand lane with a lorry in the left. The lights changed and we both set off, the Astra going...
  9. developer

    Driver Caught At 145mph on M6 Toll

    Absolutely shocking... Fancy having cameras on a private motorway where you've paid good money to give your pride and joy a decent three figure blast :devil:. M6 Toll speeding driver caught at 145mph - Birmingham Mail
  10. D

    Caught on Google

    No prizes for spotting the twunt in this series of Google Maps shots (it's about 3 miles to the next right turn!). Still, at least he indicated to come off the roundabout from the wrong lane. But check out the confusing traffic lights in this first shot. Yep, that's still the same car in...
  11. def90cars

    BBC Presenter caught speeding

    BBC News - BBC presenter Jeremy Vine caught speeding on his bike Its this disregard for the law that gives cyclists a bad name. I suppose if I had driven my AMG at 320% of the speed limit and said it was this nonsense of driving slow that means I have to drive with other traffic I would have...
  12. C36fan

    Caught speeding!! ,

    Hi today happened the most strange thing I have seen !!! I went to Monaco and I was clocked doing 143kph on 110kph at nice toll boot they pulled me over and asked for mine and car documents ,and after verifying was all ok they said I was speeding I didn't argued and asked how much is the fine ...
  13. edstrom76

    Moose fatality caught on camera

    The driver was taken to hospital but was discharged on the same day without injuries. The moose died instantly unfortunately.
  14. P

    Ohh got caught out with the blocked drain!

    Howdy, Drove the car over the weekend, in torrential rain. Wife alerted me to water gushing in from the back of the glovebox - instantly knew what what it was. So checked the drain hole and it was blocked, cleaned it out and water dumped out the valve as it should. Currently have...
  15. Jukie

    Horrific crash caught on dashcam

    Link removed.
  16. Felstmiester

    Another c63 that caught fire
  17. bravo05

    C63 507 Caught Fire!!!

    Hi guys, Unfortunately had some trouble with my 507 yesterday, ended it up with it catching fire!!! I came to a stop and saw a whole load of smoke, i was trying to quickly reverse but then saw a massive flame so i switched the engine off. As you see there was flames coming from...
  18. st13phil

    Speeding on M4 - Caught by Police Helicopter

    From another forum Anyone here care to confess? :dk: As another poster to the thread observed :D :D :D
  19. Godot

    Wife caught Cheating: Lover makes His escape

    Wife caught CHEATING: Lover makes Hilarious escape - YouTube
  20. KillerHERTZ

    Leaking Hose, Caught on Radiator Fan!?!

    Driving along last night doing a 150mile trip, all was well until 'Check coolant' appeared on the screen. It was dark so was only able to check today. with the engine bay open I can see that the hose leading from the reservoir into the engine had fallen down and was getting hacked away by the...
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